Latest News: 2-Year-Old Boy Falls into 100-ft-deep borewell in Guntur

Latest News: 2-Year-Old Boy Falls into 100-ft-deep borewell in Guntur :- An enormous safeguard operation was mounted on Tuesday to spare two-year-old Anamaluri Chandrasekhar, who had incidentally fallen into a 100-ft-profound borewell in Ummadivaram town in Vinukonda mandal of Guntur area.

The kid’s folks yelled for help when they saw him falling in at 4 pm. Nearby individuals raced to the spot and attempted to protect the kid with ropes. The tyke reacted to his mom’s call so clearly he was as yet alive. The police, fire, and income authorities at that point arrived and started operations by drawing in two gigantic JCBs to burrow an immense well parallel to the drag well.

Oxygen directed into borewell to save kid

Guntur area gatherer Kona Sasidhar and Guntur Rural Superintendent of Police Appala Naidu additionally landed at the site and brought in a NDRF group to help in the safeguard endeavors. Restorative groups excessively arrived and began directing oxygen into the drag well with a pipe.

2-Year-Old Boy Falls into 100-ft-deep borewell

“More than 150 income, police, fire, and different authorities have achieved the spot and began save operations. The kid is reacting to his mom’s call and a parallel bore well of 25 feet has been burrowed,” said Sivanagi Reddy, tahasildar of Vinukonda.

The NDRF group that landed at around 7 pm recognized the kid’s developments with the assistance of a smaller scale camera and affirmed his position 16 feet somewhere down in the borewell. NDRF groups have connected with an automated hand to “hold” the kid.

“Save groups are at work according to Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu’s bearings. An extraordinary camera sent by NDRF recorded the kid holding the rope. He was frail because of weeping for a considerable length of time. The groups were organizing gigantic sheets to prevent the kid from tumbling down further,” said G.V. Anjaneyulu, the official of Vinukonda.