2nd Saturday Sairat 9th Day Box Office Collection Worldwide Earning Report

2nd Saturday Sairat 9th Day Box Office Collection Worldwide Earning Report :- Well, Movie like Sairat sometimes shocked you and that exactly happened in the case of Sairat this Martahi movie just didn’t shocked me even other crotics too and the reason is this movie is going so well in whole India not just in Maharashtra and that shows how good this movie going and I am sure that the movie going to break a lot of record in upcoming days.

Sairat Box Office Collection

Sairat Box Office Collection

People attracting towards movie and that is exciting also this teenager love romantic movie collected so much good reviews from the Local critics of Mumbai as well as other Critics like in whole india and that shoes how cool this movie is.

Probably this movie can be the rise of Marathi Cinema because people didn’t expect that much big movie usually from that type of region Cinema and that’s shocking because movie has not that big name on it but the way this movie going in incredible.

First seven Day Box office collection of the movie-

Well, movie is going good and opened with good occupancy also movie is going good outside the region states and that is cool I think people attracting towards it because movie has good exciting story plot and that is cool and I think somewhere director or producer never thought they going to attract that much audience towards it.

Movie collected between 25 Crore in seven days and that is a record collection for any Marathi movie and also this is the first time when any Marathi movie releasing in 460 Screens with 14,000 Shows total and that also shows the way this movie going is incredible.

I think movie has potential to earn and that’s why movie doing good also movie has good story and people feeling connection with it and I think that is superb. Youth coming out to watch this movie in good numbers and that is good. I think movie can earn more and going to be the highest earning Marathi movie of the year or you can say decade till now.

Well, upcoming collection report related to the movie will be posted soon but we have to wait and watch for that till than we can only recommend you that movie because movie is cool.