4th Week Fan 23rd Day Box Office Collection Worldwide Earning Report

4th Week Fan 23rd Day Box Office Collection Worldwide Earning Report :- Well, Fan did great business in box office but I think movie failed in making Impact and that’s so shocking for the makers as well as for the SRK because they both thought that this movie going to make a great impact in Bollywood but nothing happened like that even movie got worse and worse and other movies sis better business than SRK’ Fan.

4th Week Fan 23rd Day Box Office Collection Worldwide Earning Report

Movie has potential and I am saying this because movie has good acting and the way makers presented SRK was cool but I am not sure that makers think a lot about script and story and that make this movie so worse and I think after the movie released and got worse makers got shocked as well as SRK.

Fan rarely did great business in any week and I think The Jungle book eat the collection of Fan and that is true also I think somewhere makers are responsible for that. No Doubt SRK did a lot hard work even he spend 3 hours in makeup every time when he had to play the role of Gaurav in movie.

Three week box office collection of the movie-  

Movie did good business but the shocking part is movie didn’t collected 100 Crores from India like expected but collect more than 100 Crores from overseas and that is shocking well also that helps the movie a lot.

Movie collected between 86.23 Crore from the India and that is shocking because movie has good buzz in India and everybody thought that movie going to be great deal but it didn’t also after receiving mixed reviews movie got slow.

Movie collected total 187.23 crore from the whole world and that is coel because somehow that collection is superb also I think in upcoming days this didn’t going to be collect more because there’s lots of new releases out there and I am sure that this releases going to failed movie.

I think sometimes overconfidence take away what you have right now and that’s exactly happened with the Fan makers thought that the movie going to make impact but all impact became opposite and that also shows the audience has massed mind and no one can judge them.