Aaba is in Hospital! Krishnadasi 11th May 2016 Written Updates Episode

Aaba is in Hospital! Krishnadasi 11th May 2016 Written Updates Episode :- The last night episode of the TV series “Krishnadasi” begins with Kumudni comes and says I have brought Haldi to Tusli. Tulsi asked something to Kumudini that are you try to hide something to me. Kumudini said to Tulsi, today it is your daughter’s Haldi. Just concentrate on it rather spying on me.


The music is played and Aryan comes there to meet with Aradhya. Aryan and Aradhya both had a friendly conversation with each other. Now everybody realised that Sankri’s position is getting worst in the hospital. Everybody is worry for Sankri and doctor said she needs to take rest now. Now Arru’s Haldi ceremony is going on and Kumudini and Tulsi hug Aaru.

Aaru hugs them back and she is very happy for her wedding. Aryan’s Haldi ceremony is also going on and Aryan is only thinking about Aaru.Abba feels that it is might Kumudini injects Sankri with wrong medicine. And Abba also sees so.

Now Aryan and Arru are busy sending selfies of each other to each other and they are busy calling each other lucky. Arru is looking beautiful after she done her Shringar and she is thinking how Aryan will be reacts when he will see her. And in the mean time, Kumudini is in some plan and she is actually hiding something to Tulsi.

She also wants to complete her mission afterward Tulsi will be leaving. Meanwhile, Sankri is screaming in pain in the hospital.

Now in the wedding ceremony it is Aryan’s sister Gayatri’s husband creates drama and he shouted that he will be teaching lesson to the Rao family and Abba Sahib. He try to fight with Aryan but Aryan think it will be better to avoid him as right now he is going in the Baarat.

Gayatri also pledge to her husband don’t create scene here please. It is my brother Aryan’s wedding but Aryan can’t control him to fight with him, when he saw that his brother in law torture his sisterwhen everybody were fighting, in that time Abba fainted.

Precap: Aradhya says Aryan will be so happy to see me as a bride. But Aaba is in hospital. Abba says to Aryan, I want you to marry with Purva before my death as I don’t want you to marry with a Devdaasi’s daughter.
Kumudini says and worry, still Baarat has not been come and Abba gives Aryan’s hands to the Purva’s hands.