Abhi and Pragya play a game! Kumkum Bhagya 2nd May 2016 Written Updates

Tannu asks Pragya she wants to talk to her alone. They walk ahead. Tannu asks Pragya she had lost the bet then why is she troubling her marriage. Pragya says she will leave only after taking her husband with her. Tannu asks Pragya to bring her specs to see clearly.

Abhi and Pragya play a game! Kumkum Bhagya 2nd May 2016 Written Updates

An NGO ladies and the police force came there on the spot. They say that this marriage cannot be processed as the divorce is void. When Pragya signed that papers she was lunatic and due to this, the divorce is void. She alleged Tannu that she mixed something in her drink.

Tannu states that she is lying and her Lawyer says that her sign on the papers was absolutely perfect and it is valid. The inspector asks the Lawyer to prove his statement.

Pragya calls the manager and waiter to proof her statement and the waiter accepts that Tannu offers him money to do so. Purab asks to show that divorce papers and says this marriage is not valid as these papers are not valid. Mithali saw those papers and starts laughing as those papers contain Pragya’s name but are signed by Tannu at that place.

Tannu affirms that she hadn’t signed any of the papers and asks the Lawyer to leave. Abhi is surprised as he took Pragya’s signature.

Pragya thanked the inspector and those ladies but they say that she has done everything on her own and invited her to their annual function. Tannu is angry on all this and leaves from there.

Pragya meets Dadi and tells everything how she had done all this and apologize for not telling this to her before. Tannu and Aaliya are angry on her and Tannu says that now she will do something after that she will not be able to plan something against her.


Abhi asks Pragya to play a game. He says they will gaze into each other’s eyes and if she blinked her eyes first that means she still loves him and if don’t that means she doesn’t love him.