Abhi slaps Aaliya hard! Kumkum Bhagya 5th May 2016 Episode Written Updates

Pragya saw Aailya stealing money from her cupboard. When Pragya asks her she says she is the owner and has right on it. Pragya says that she never thought of her brother. She can ask for money why she is stealing it? Aaliya asks Pragya that she has right at this house and pack her bags and go back to her own house.

Abhi slaps Aaliya hard! Kumkum Bhagya 5th May 2016 Episode Written Updates

Pragya stops her. Aaliya throws money down and left. Tannu tries to calm down Aaliya and told her everything that Pragya did to her. Aaliya is tennsed as she lost a chance to arrange money.

Rachna asks Pragya why everything is so messed? She told Rachna that Aaliya came over here to steal money. Rachna says then how can she miss such a great chance to expose her? Pragya says she must be in a big trouble that is why she was stealing money.

Pragya wants to find out what is wrong with her? Aaliya calls her friend to arrange money but they refused to give her money. Neil again calls her and blackmail her.

To find out about Aaliya. She reads a message on her phone and reaches with Purab to follow Aaliya. Aaliya meets Neil and tells him that she failed to arrange money. Pragya and Purab reach there and saw Aaliya with Neil and hear their conversation.

Purab asks Pragya to expose Aaliya by offering Neil money. Abhi decorates his room for Pragya. Rachna and Dadi ask Abhi why he brought so many flowers. Abhi tries to fool them but they got his trick.


Aaliya accepts that Bulbul committed suicide because of her in front of Pragya and her team. She challenges them that they can do whatever they want. Abhi hears her and slaps her hard. He asks her when she stops doing all this and stops making him ashamed.