Abhi will get divorce from Pragya! Kumkum Bhagya 13th April 2016 Episode Written Updates

The last night episode of the TV series “Kumkum Bhagya” starts with Tanu is crying in the front of Abhi by saying that it is somebody torn her Shaadi Ka Joda by showing it to Abhi. Now Tanu is worry that what she will be wearing on her wedding day as someone has been torn her Shaadi Ka Joda which she brought from Delhi prepared by the special designer.

Abhi will get divorce from Pragya! Kumkum Bhagya 13th April 2016 Episode Written Updates

Now Tanu started doing her blah blah drama and false crying by saying that Pragya won’t allow her to marry with Abhi as it is Pragya jealous on Tanu and Abhi is in no mood to believe the same. But Tanu said that she wants him to seek divorce from the Pragya by deceiving her as it is Pragya will not ever divorce him. Abhi said whatever I will do; I will do on face to face as I can’t deceive someone.

Tanu said to Abhi that Pragya snatch everything from you by giving you deceive, so you can seek divorce from her by doing the same but Abhi said that I can’t betray someone. Tanu do emotional drama by bringing tears on her eyes by saying that you can’t deceive Pragya but you can deceive me and my unborn baby.

In the mean time, Abhi get an international offer of the singing and Pragya is get to know that and she share it with Dadi. Dadi is very happy and give credits of the same to her but it is Pragya gives all the credit to the Dadi. Now Dadi said that Pragya and Abhi should eat food but Abhi decides to have food but when Dadi feed him with her hands, Abhi eat it. And Dadi also message Pragya to have food as Abhi have the food.

Pragya also said about the international contact deal to Abhi, so he has to go in dinner with Pragya to meet with the international client. But Abhi is in no mood to go there in fact he demand Rs. 5 lakh to go in the dinner to finalise the business. And when Pragya is gets to know that Abhi wants this money for Tanu. Pragya denied giving the same which makes Abhi angry and he leave towards Tanu to say that he will be giving divorce to the Pragya.

Tanu is in cloud nine and give him the divorce paper and asked to him that he just need Pragya’s signature here which he can take by deceiving her as she won’t sigh then. Abhi lost in somewhere now after seeing the divorce paper and “Allah Wariya” played.