Aditya give good news to Chakor! Udaan 19th April 2016 Episode Written Update

The last episode of the TV series “Udaan” starts with Chakor shooting two applies kept on Kasturi’s hand well. Everybody is happy now but Sooraj makes Chakor nervous by saying that if anything will be happen with Kasturi, I can’t be alive anymore. So play this game of the shooting by keeping apple on the Imli’s head.

Aditya give good news to Chakor! Udaan 19th April 2016 Episode Written Update

Everyone clap for Suraj. Chagan says now Suraj will shoot the apple and now Suraj is having two shot to shot and now it is Chakor’s turn to do the same but lastly. Suraj says that now you need to shoot but remember you have to shoot the apples which have been kept in your mother’s head. Suraj and Chakor are having competition but Suraj suggested to Chakor that better you should back out as remember that your parents should not die for you.

Chakor shoot but she actually misses the shot. Now people started saying that Chakor will be losing now. And now Sooraj shoot but he also misses the shoot. Suddenly, Imli fall down and she cries Didi, now Chakor rush towards her and asked to the Imli what happened. Imli said I am okay. Kasturi asked to the Chakor, just concentrate on your game, I will be applying medicine on her wound.

Now Chakor rush and shoot in which it is finally Chakor win the shooting and the entire village found to be the super happy. Everybody hugs Chakor, Kasturi and Imli run towards her and hugs her. Suraj is fumes on the anger as he losses the game.

Now Bhaiya Jee scolds Suraj by saying that you was over confident and looks now Chakor won it. This is not only your insult; this is also Bhaiya Jee’s insult. Kasturi danced on the joy for the winning of the Chakor and Bhuvani distributed sweets. Chakor is happy very and Imli hugs her and says congratz to her now.

Now Aditya calls Chakor. And said to Chakor that there is good news is waiting for you. You can take chance to marathon again. Chakor is very happy and gives her nod.