All Princess Looking very Pretty! Siya Ke Ram 11th February 2016 Written Updates

All Princess Looking very Pretty! Siya Ke Ram 11th February 2016 Written Updates :- The mythological TV series last night episode starts with the astrologer is predicts Sita’s future that Sita is having Vanvaas in her fortune. Sunaina became so worried after knowing that and says she is a princess how she will be in Vanvaas. This is time of her wedding and we are busy organizing that.

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Siya Ke Ram 11th February 2016 Written Updates

About this like a brave woman Sita said I’m getting married with the Maryada Purushottam Ram and that is enough for me. Whatever there in my luck whether it is Vanvaas or struggle I’ll manage everything with my husband Ram. Sunbaina cried with these Sita’s words.

Now the marriage preparations starts, Vishwamitra prepared 4 marriage Mandaps for the 4 brothers. Brahma says this is beautiful. Narad also said from the universe this is something beautiful more than we can imagine. From the Kailash the all gods and goddess bless the couples.

After discussions the Lord Mahadev and Goddess Parvati makes their arrival in the wedding ceremony of Ram and Sita in human form. The Mahadev and Devi Parvati bless the couples. Ram get ready in the wedding get up with his brothers.

Lord Mahadev himself put the Mukhuths on the brothers and he starts from the younger one to the elder one. Lord Mahadev put Mukhuths starts from Shatrughan, Laxman, Bharath and then last but not the least on Ram.

Lord Mahadev blesses them and the brothers also meet and greet with Mahadev and seek blessings from them. And next scene shows when Sita was getting ready with her sisters Goddess Parvati appear and makes them ready. The sisters meet and greet with the Goddess Parvati and bless them.

In the tonight episode of the mythological TV serial “Siya Ke Ram” it will be shown that Chandrabhaga will be saying to Sita and her sisters that they are looking beautiful in the bridal get up.

Ram is also looking handsome just like a Dev. Sita smiles and blushes with these words of Chandrabhaga.