Aman Verma’s Wedding Postponed Due To His Father Passes Away

Aman Verma’s Wedding Postponed Due To His Father Passes Away :- Actor Aman Verma’s father passes away and the dates of his marriage is postponed. As he was all set to tie in a relation with her girlfriend Vandana Lalwani but now the dates has been postponed. His father passes away in a car accident 1 weeks ago and their family i not in a situation to marriage._bec686dc-a878-11e5-bc4d-302034fae57a

COL. Y.K Verma was the name of his father. His father was very excited to see his 44 year son’s wedding but in a car accident he passed away. The Baghban actor Aman verma said in a online portal that they were not in a good state of mind.

So the former Big boss contestant pushed back his wedding dates. The wedding dates was scheduled to plan on 20th April but unfortunately the bad news ruins everything. Aman had previously said in a statement that their families are consulting with pandits and he said that number 2 has been lucky for him. They will decide various functions on various dates.

Aman said previously that according to him marriage is a close knit affair and relation between two families and between two people and he don’t believe to pomp  a huge  crowd and inviting so many people’s. He said its a waste of many and he only calls his close relatives and some of his close friends from Bollywood.

Aman verma got engaged to her girlfriend Vandana Lalwani last year in December. But after this incident he cancelled his wedding’s date and postponed it. Well Aman is a very brave guy he resumed work on April 15 and he said ready for work today. Have to forget the pain  numb the hurt putting his best foot forward and believes in almighty. Aman verma tweeted this.

He also tweeted that he i with her mom and trying to get a smile on her mother’s face and she is the bravest lady that he had ever known.