Amit Shah honours freedom fighters in UP visit, slams SP BSP Congress

Amit Shah honours freedom fighters in UP visit, slams SP BSP Congress : On Saturday, President of BJP Party Amit Shah lashed out at the Congress, BSP and the Samajwadi Party in a speech at Kakori on the outskirts of Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh.



The visit of BJP President Amit Shah to Kakori was part of a nationwide event by the BJP called ‘Azadi 70 Saal – Yaad Karo Kurbani’. A forerunner to the party’s much hyped ‘Tiranga Yatra’ that will begin from 16th August 2016.

After an event, BJP President Amit Shah, at a public meeting, said in his speech that he would not talk politics but then proceeded to attack Congress, BSP and SP.

BJP President Shah said to a 5000 strong crowd that If BSP or SP come to power in UP, they will work only for a particular community and themselves. Bhartiya Janta Party alone believes in sab ka saath, sabka vikas.

Shah, taking a dig at the Congress, claimed that there is no development in country since Independence because the government was run by only one family for 60 years. Without development of UP, the development of country is not possible.

Today, BJP President Amit Shah visited the memorial for freedom fighters in kakori and garlanded the statues of Ram Prasad Bismil, Chandrashekhar Azad, and Ashfaqullah Khan. Kakori is famous for revolutionaries robbing a train carrying money for the British treasury in 1925.

After the public meeting, BJP President Shah also had lunch at the home of BJP MP Kaushal Kishore, who is a Dalit.

  • I m possible

    An urge to Amit shah ji ..Any plans (both A and B) to conquer Tripura please ? It would be a real test of character and commitment for BJP to make a mark in national interest considering shrewd Left winning every election by hooks and crooks contributing to backwardness of country.

    Keeping 2018 assembly election in mind, Can BJP take initiatives to make Tripura free from clutch of jungle raj please ? Lack of high end Industry, Unemployment and poor economic state of affairs can be few areas to be capitalized upfront. Let incapable old and fragile left leadership take retirement and dynamic BJP leadership take control of Tripura’s economic growth journey. People of Tripura have had enough of sufferings. Time for a change now.

    Left have always been associated with incompetency, lackluster, backdated, anti growth, nepotism, corruption – and unwilling to improve or learn from mistakes. They thrive on funds allocated from Center meant for state’s development.

    Wondering if Mr. Yechury could explain reason behind please ? Has there been any introspection and resolve for improvement ? They keep destroying ruled state Tripura with continuous display of incompetence in tackling most of the burning issues including unemployment (7 lakhs educated unemployed youths – a glaring highest rate in India). How ? Example: Capital city Agartala has become 3rd Internet gateway and with a lame-duck unwilling leadership having poor understanding of Industry and technology, Tripura and its Youth’s future have been continuously ruined leaving a record 25.2% (highest in India) unemployment.

    There are many instances of youths committing suicide out of utter frustration and hopelessness.

    Left ruled Tripura and its youths continues to suffer everyday from chronic unemployment and concerned folks are just happy to mint Govt salary month after month with an excuse of unemployment is throughout country or no infrastructure. At whose cost please ?

    e.g. Telengana CM aims to make capital an world class city, whereas Tripura CM with his all might aims to take the capital backward (current state of affairs is the evidence) by 10 years.

    With a record (highest in India) 25.2% of unemployment Left ruled Tripura continues to bite dust of under-development and non-performance due to state’s outdated policies of being anti development and industry without realizing world and India’s economy driven by Business and technology.

    So far it has been about Govt job, salary, subsidy – on tax payers money and mediocre plastic industry for name sake being the focus – which still fails to show hope to lakhs of educated unemployed youths!

    Need is to bring high end industry and jobs at Agartala having follow up with Industry leaders and setting up required infrastructure on a war footing.

    With high speed internet and 24/7 power, Can capital Agartala look forward in 2016 to being an IT hub with high end IT jobs for 7 lakh educated unemployed youths of Trpiura ?.