Amrita Kabir Shivanya Doing Naagin Dance! Naagin 28th May 2016 Written Updates

Amrita Kabir Shivanya Doing Naagin Dance! Naagin 28th May 2016 Written Updates :- The last week episode of the horror TV series Naagin begins with Shivanya told to Sesha that despite, now she is not a Naagin and she losses her all power but still she is having power which is Rithvik’s love for her that is.

Naagin Episode Written Updates

Naagin Episode Written Updates

Naagin Episode Written Updates

Now Sesha sees Ramya is coming and she now changes into Rithik and warns Shivanya to keep her mouth shut.

Ramya asks Rithvik to come in the engagement now. Now Kabeer is ready for the engagement and Amrita is also there in the bridal get up. Now Shesha went near to Kabeer and she is in form of Rithvik now and Shesha warn him to hides his nails as he is an Ichchadhaari Nevla.

Viren with his wife goes to police station and asked the police to arrest Shivanya as Shivanaaya trying to kill him Inspector says he cannot arrest anyone without any proof. But Viren believed that he himself is a proof as he was in coma for long time after he had been attacked by Shivanaaya.

Now Viren bring police and make him arrested Shivanaaya as Shivanaaya try to kill him and Shivanaaya wanted to explain that Viren is the real murderer but all goes in vain. By the way, Shesha also captures the real Rithvik and she is now pretends as Rithvik.

Shesha in fact went to police station in form of Rithvik and asked his killer wife Shivanaaya to keep in jail and if require you can tortures her. Real Rithvik now somehow manages to make him free from the Bel Patra and he rush towards the police station and he makes Shivanyaa free.

Now Shivanaaya coming in home and Viren is roaming free as he is being aware of it that Shivanaaya is not a Naagin, and eventually Viren has an encounter with Shivanaaya and Viren said that now I can touch you, hug you, kiss you, even I can sleep with you and you can’t do anything as now you are a human, no longer a Naagin.

Viren also said that I will now kill you the way I killed your parents. And now Viren try to attack Shivanaaya and Shivanaaya pushes him. Police come and Viren said that Shivanaaya try to stab him. But now Shivanaaya now reveal the crime Viren did as Shivanaaya recorded his confession and show it to police.

Now when the police was about to arrest Vire, Viren try to run away but he shoot by Shivanaaya and he dies. Shivanaaya come in home with Viresn’s dead body and when Virena’s wife try to get her arrest, the police said that it is actually Viren killed Shivanaaya’s parents and now Shivanaaya has right to do so.

Shivanaaya also reveal to the Raheja family that Amrita can’t marry Kabeer as Kabeer is an Ichchadhaari Nevla but Raheja family did not believed so but Shivanaaya dragged Rithvik in a room and explain him the story of the Kabeer and Rithvik is shocked to know so. Shivanaaya also said that she will be reveals that Kabeer is an Ichchadhaari Nevla.

Precap: In party, Shivanya dances on Naagin song and Sesha turns into Naagin and Kabeer became Ichchadhaari Nevla.