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Anant Ambani Proved it that if one will, can achieve anything by lossing 108 Kg Weight Wins Praise From Salman Khan, Dhoni Mumbai: Anant Ambani proved it that if one will, can achieve anything. He has stunned everyone with his transformation.His grandfather, the legendary Dhirubhai Ambani, would have been proud of him for living up to his belief that nothing is impossible if one determines to achieve it.

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The youngest son of Nita and Mukesh Ambani, Anant Ambani had made a self-commitment to himself 18 months ago — to fight a medicine-induced obesity and come out with heart inspiring victory.

He has made possible to lost staggering 108 kilos in less than 18 months. As he was determined to lose weight in the most natural and safest way possible, he followed a strict diet and exercised for 5-6 hours daily.

And now, the result is in front of all of us, there’s an Ambani trending on Twitter and it’s not Mukesh or Anil but none other than Anant Ambani.

In 18 months, the young Ambani has cut down 108 kgs, winning praise from the likes of actor Salman Khan and cricketer MS Dhoni.

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Seriously, the before and after pictures will made you think on yourself.

According to sources, he was committed himself to get fit by his 21st birthday on 9th April, completed his goal with a flourish.

An animal lover and wildlife enthusiast, the journey of Anant, who is presently a junior at Brown University in the US, is nothing short of inspirational.

He had made proved it that with hard work, dedication and focus, anything is possible.

Several celebrities have congratulated Anant for the inspirational makeover.

So happy to see Anant Ambani,lots of respect n sooo happy fr him.Takes a lot of willpower to loose 108kgs in 18mnths pic.twitter.com/Rfd6pgAeEn

— Salman Khan (@BeingSalmanKhan) April 10, 2016

Now this is what I call dedication guys! “108” that number is not a joke!#AnantAmbani hats off!! ??? #healthiswealth pic.twitter.com/wxm8awc599

— Sooraj Pancholi (@soorajpancholi9) April 10, 2016

#AnantAmbani truly inspirational what this young man has achieved thru grit & determination. pic.twitter.com/f1pcqzKOFR

— kunal kohli (@kunalkohli) April 10, 2016