Android Auto unveiled in 18 countries including India

Android Auto unveiled in 18 countries including India : Google has finally launched their much awaited in-car operating system i.e Google’s Android Auto in India along with the 17 countries as well. Google will be making this OS available over 29 countries from the coming 11th April.


What does Google’s Auto android do?

When launched in 2014, google’s auto used to handle calls, control music, navigate, respond to messages or control other applications easily and in order to enable one to have distraction free driving entire interface was voice driven so that hardware can be easily controlled. Though there is already similar kind of OS by apple as well but its limitation is that it only caters services to the iOS devices.


To use the auto android OS, ones car should have the supporting features and an android phone which operates on android 5.1 Lollipop OS or the updated version. Whenever one connects its smart phone to the radio or compatible vehicle, all the applications inside the auto android will be made visible on the screen. Auto android can be used in variety of brands like Audi, chervolet, Kenwood, Pioneer, Hyundai, Honda, Mahindra and Skoda.


Features included in Google’s auto android:
It itself brings the important information which you need and organize them into simple cards so that they can easily appear whenever one needed them. It makes all the things very handy and ready to use.


While designing this interface “Safety” was the topmost priority of google. This is the reason why the Interface is extremely user friendly, there is integrated steering wheel control and with powerful voice actions everything can be easily controlled. Hence minimizing the risk on the roads and ensuring driver’s safety.
It can control music, applications, voices, communications (incoming and outgoing calls) etc.

Where it is available?

Android Auto was already available in the countries like UK, US, New Zealand, Ireland, Italy, France, Germany, Canada and Australia and now the countries like Argentina, Austria, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, India, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, Russia, Switzerland, Uruguay and Venezuela will be witnessing its launch. Google has launched it in 18 new countries as we have mentioned above.


Status in India:


Last year Mahindra & Mahindra announced that they are working on their vehicles so they can adopt the google’s auto android feature. Apart from that one can also use this feature in the brands of cars like Hyundai, Honda, Audi, Chervolet, skoda etc.