Apple iPhone 6 To Hike Prices By 29% Due To Poor Sale Of iPhone SE

Apple iPhone 6 To Hike Prices By 29% Due To Poor Sale Of iPhone SE :- Apple might have been forced to hike the price of iPhone 6 by 29 per cent because Apple’s new phone iPhone SE saw a poor selling across the country only a few thousand units.


The company also give discount on the other iPhone in month of January – March to promote the selling of the iPhone SE in the country.

Recently, 16GB 4-inch iPhone SE sells at Rs 39,000 while a similar specked (16GB) version of iPhone 6 is available at Rs 31,000 and 6S at Rs 40,500.

After increasing the price, iPhone 6 costs will be Rs 40,000 and 6S comes for Rs 48,000.

The current decision of increasing price will also see a 22 percent rise in price for the iPhone 5S which was selling at Rs 18,000. The revised price is expected to be around Rs 22,000. Apple has also come out with corporate lease offers and EMI plans to increase the sales. But there is no gaining in the sale of iPhone SE.

There is another problem for SE in India that the people would like to buy big screen smartphones when they get them in lower price than iPhone SE.The iPhone SE have only 4″ inch screen which is a drawback of this phone and another is its very high price in India.

A lot of data is consumed on smart devices and smaller ones do not find much favour with buyers.

The Apple company also seems worried as the Samsung’s new smartphones –  Galaxy S7 and S7 edge give better response and managed to sell nearly twice teh number achieved by the previous generation same model in the same period.

  • KylDemon

    Apple is looking pretty scared. And they should be. They’ve been falling behind for years and now they’re finally starting to realize just how far behind they are in terms of innovation. The only reason they make so much money is because they keep ripping off their customers and the fanboys are so deluded, they’ll buy anything with an Apple logo no matter how overpriced it is.

  • Anuj K.

    I still wonder why Apple have not been able to read the Indian psyche. An iPhone in India is considered to be a luxury rather than a utility, a medium to show off. The current model, Apple SE, is not doing any favour in this regard, as the so called Apple Fans are not able to show off their devices as NEW because of its resemblance to a three year old 5S. If they would have just made enough design changes on the outside to differentiate it from 5s, it would have worked wonders, even if it had the internals of a 5s or 6 models.