Apple loses his trademark ‘iPhone’ name fight in China

Apple loses his trademark ‘iPhone’ name fight in China: Apple loses a fight in China’s court. A leather bag company was using Apple name for its leather bags and leather purses. Beijing Municipal’s high people court give a verdict in the favor of Xintong Tiandi Technology.Apple loses his trademark 'iPhone' name fight in China

Xintong Tiandi company started using I-phone name on its leather accessories in 2010. Apple company filed a case against them but unfortunately it was not approved until 2013. Apple is disappointed with this verdict. Apple first filed a claim against this end in 2012.

As sources said, Xintong Tiandi registered trademark name of I-phone in 2007 in China. It was the same year when the first generation when 5s Apple was launched in U.S.A. But now final judgment came in this case, so it means that Xintong Tiandi could continue to use the trademark of this name.

Apple did not make any comment on this ruling. Xintong takes and accepts this decision as a victory for their company and a win for free consumer markets.James Yan is a Beijing-based analyst at counterpoint technology.

According to him, failure of Apple brand will not make any impact on its sale not even on it’s goodwill. Apple was on top, and it will be on top. But some of the peoples might confuse when they find Apple name on leather products or leather accessories.

They will confuse that whether these products are made by Apple or some of the manufacturer copy Apple’s name on their products.Another Beijing-based analyst Internet consultancy International said that the influence of this Chinese company was very minor, and it will not pose any threat or any competition to Apple company.

Apple mainly focuses on the electronics products like I-Pad, Phones, and electronic items. Apple is also facing different problems in China. Chinese government passed a law that all content is shown stores to be obtained on servers based on the Chinese mainland.

As a result of this rule, Apple’s iBooks and iTunes were shut down in China.