Aradhya is thrown in Cave! Krishnadasi 15th April 2016 Episode Written Update

Aradhya is thrown in Cave! Krishnadasi 15th April 2016 Episode Written Update : The last night episode of the daily soap “Krishnadaasi” started with the Aryan’s Aayee come in the Aradhya’s house to speak about that Aryan’s marriage has been fixed and these Krishnadaasi will be going there to dance on his wedding. Aradhya has been hurt to hear so and became sad. Aryan’s Aayyee was left now.

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Krishnadasi 15th April 2016 Written Updates

Now Aradhya started crying with the news of the Aryan’s marriage and Aachi try to taunt her but Aradhya is mute. Aachi was keep saying that Aryan fill your Mang but Aradhya keep saying he did not. His hands only touched my Maang but Achi said that in his hands there was blood. Aradhya was started crying now.

Now Aradhya and Aryan have some funny Nokh Jonkh and it is Aradhya taunts to the Aryan that his marriage has been fixed. But when the girl will see his face, she will run away, wedding is very far away while now. Aryan asked her that you want my fiancée to run away. Aradhya looked on his eyes to get lost there and said I really don’t care about you, your fiancée and your marriage.

Now Aradhya and Aryaan try to walk together but it is Aradhya’s Choori’s get stuck on Aryan’s hands and when Aryan open it from her hands, Aryan’s button of the jacket get broken. They got lost in their each other’s eyes and looked on.

Meanwhile, Aryan hears that his Aayee criticised Aradhya by saying she is an illegal child despite dreamt of getting marriage with my son. But we break all kind of relationship with her but still she is after my son. Aryan wanted to speaks with his Aayee that right now he doesn’t want to get married with Purba right now.

But when he saw that her Aayee is keep criticizing Aradhya, Aryan thinks that right now it will not be the fine idea to speaks with her and Aayee asked to the Aryan, is he is ready for the wedding and Aryan gives his nod. Meanwhile when Aradhya was alone in her home, now 2 people arrived in order to kidnapped her as the Manth call her.

Aradhya resist but all goes in vein, on the other hand, Purva makes a grand entry in the Aryan’s house where Purva arrived with her parents to fix their marriage. And now when Purva was about to fell down, it is Aryan holds her and Aryan’s mom became very happy to see their cosy moment.