Aryan asks purva to kick kalash! Krishnadasi 19th May 2016 Episode Written Updates

Aryan asks purva to kick kalash! Krishnadasi 19th May 2016 Episode Written UpdatesIn the last episode of the TV series Krishnadasi we saw that Tulsi come to Aaba’s house and says that I have seen care and love in Aryan’s eyes for Aradhya and I don’t want them to separate. She pledge for the reunion Aradhya and Aryan but Abba seems that he is stick to his decision. Kumudini said to Abba that please let me talk to Aryan.

Krishnadasi Episode Written Updates

Krishnadasi Episode Written Updates

Krishnadasi Episode Written Updates

But Aryan was no at the home. Aryan was somewhere else wandering and thinking how to tell Aaradhya that whatever he did with her it was not his choice, in fact he compel to do so. On the other hand, Kumudini had been seen manipulating Aaradhya and keep on telling to her that Aryan has done all this on his Abba’s order and to take revenge against them.

Now Kumidini gives milk to Aaradhya in which she has something dissolved something which will going to make Aaradhya unconscious after sometime, then suddenly Aryan come from window and try to convince her but she doesn’t want to talk to him or listen to Aryan anything.

And eventually Aradhya closing doors on his face but now she gets unconscious and Aryan asked to her that he wants to talk with Aradhya.

After sometime Aradhya wakes up listening to Kumudini shouts and after opening her eyes, she shocked to see that Aryan is there. Aradhya feel that Aryan must has done something wrong with her. Aradhya asked to Kumudini what he did to me.

Kumudini does it by tearing little of her clothes and messing things up. Aradhya trust her Achchi and blame Aryan for whatever happened to her. In the mean time, the Rao family is right now busy organising Aryan’s wedding and Abba arrived there directly from the hospital.

Now Kumudini and Aaradya goes to police station and file a case against Aryan by showing the officer her torn clothes and said that Aryan did molestation with her. Although, Aradhya is not aware of it that it is a fake story against Aryan creates by her Achchi.

Precap: Kumudini puts a condition in front of them that she will go to take the report back only when Aryan will be ready to marry Aradhya and he need to marry her in the police station.