Aryan Likes Stupid & Mad Kind Of Girls! Krishnadasi 18th April 2016 Episode Written Update

In the last night episode of the TV series “Krishnadasi” it has been shown that Purva enters Haveli, she slips but Aryan holds her in time, she looks at him and smiles everyone is happy to see Purva coming here and she is having quality time with Aryan.

Now Purva said hi to the Aryan. Aradhya is brought to Chimaji, she is shocked to see him and says that Chimaji, I never thought you will do something like that. And now Aradhya insulted Chimaji badly. Chimaji said that no shame at all. Still Devdaasi is shouting and showing her tantrum.

Krishnadasi episode written update

Krishnadasi episode written update

Chimaji says you still have no shame, Devdasies should not remain in village, you deserve a punishment Aradhya and we will be giving it to you. So Chimaji asked his men to take Aradhya to the cave and keep her there for someday as she deserves this. Afterward, now Aradhya started crying that she need to go from the cave and Aradhya screams now.

Please let me go from here. Aradhya said, please open the door, and Aradhya also get scared when she saw a large numbers of the rats are coming there in order to bite her. Aradhyua run away but unble to see anything in the dark room and now Aradhya started crying and screaming.

Meanwhile, Purva meet with everybody and she touches everyone’s feet. The entire family of the Aryan impressed on her and called her a traditional girl and said that, now we can’t wait for lot more to make her bride of our home. Purva and her parents seen very happy with that marital prospects.

Now Tulsi is shocked to see that her daughter is missing from the house, now Tulsi also said to the Chimaji that he is acts like a pious man but he is a culprit, he kidnapped Aradhya. We need to now safeguard Aradhya. And Tulsi also said about Chimaji that I will be exposed you in the front of the entire world. I won’t spare you.

PRECAP- Kumudini comes to Aaba house and alleged them by saying that they kidnapped Aradhya. Abba is stunned and Kumudini said I need to search my Aradhya now and if you did anything wrong with her, I won’t spare you. Aryan is not ready to marry Purva and Aryan is busy thinking about Aradhya.

When now Purva asked him, what kind of the girl you like, Aryan recalled the memories which he shares with Aradhya and Aryan goes emotional now.