Aryan & purva are sitting on bed room! Krishnadasi 27th May 2016 Episode Written Update

Aryan & purva are sitting on bed room! Krishnadasi 27th May 2016 Episode Written Update :- In the TV series Krishnadasi, Aryan (Shravan Reddy) and Aradhya’s (Sana Sheikh) love-hate story continues. They are married, but Aryan doesn’t accept his marital relationship with Aradhya. In fact, Aryan vow that he will be ruin Aradhya’s life and Aradhya vows the same.

Krishnadasi Episode Written Update

Krishnadasi Episode Written Update

Krishnadasi Episode Written Update

Kumudini (Indira Krishnan) makes use of Aryan and Aradhya to take revenge on Aba Sahib. Aradhya comes to stay in Aryan’s room, and Aradhya asked to Aryan that being his legal wife, she is having right to saty in the Aryan’s bed room. But Aryan gets angry at Aradhya, and they had an argument. Aradhya warns him by reminding him about inspector Damini that she can get him and his family arrested if he misbehaves with his legal wife Aradhya Rao.

Now Pavitra organises the Muh Dikhai ceremony where Aryan decides to insult Aradhya. Before the function, Aryan takes Aradhya for shopping alongside Purva. But, instead of getting her things, he humiliated Aradhya by asking Purva to do the shopping. He buys everything to Purva and ordered Aradhya to holds their shopping bags.

On the other hand, Gayatri will decide to obey her family and she will be getting married to another person; she will also forget that she was married to David, as after David only betrayed her. Now Kumudini gets to know this, and she calls David and then she fills his ears against Gayatri and the Rao family, David who is guilty of committing a mistake by hurting Gayatri).

Now David thinks as per the Kumudini’s words that Gayatri deceives him and now he decides to stop the marriage of the Gayatri, meanwhile, Aryan comple Aradhya to wear Gajra.

Also Aryan now gifts her Ghungroo. Now Aryan asked to Aradhya that she can be only fit in Ghungroo and Gajra and Aryan humiliated her badly. Also Aryan calls her that she is Devdaasi, she was Devdaasi and she will be Devdaasi. She can’t be Bahu of any respected family.

Now Aradhya recalls that how Aryan had once stopped her from dancing as a Devdasi and eventually tears comer in her eyes and she became very upset. But Aradhya decides to teach lesson to Aradhya.

Aryan insulted Aradhya as he thought that after humiliation she won’t be coming in the marriage rituels but despite her humiliation, Aradhya arrived in the Muh Dikhai ceremony as a newlywed bride of the Rao family. Aryan is stunned to see so and he looks on.