Asaram Bapu caught using mobile in Jodhpur jail Police seized

JODHPUR: Self-styled God – Asaram Bapu was allegedly caught using mobile phone in his barrack in Jodhpur Central Jail. Some sources have confirmed that having spotted Asaram talking on the phone during a search drive in the jail. The Jail officials are reluctant to talk about it.


Some prisoners had a clash in barrack no. 7 on Thursday morning, where two prisoners thrashed two under-trial identified as Mukesh and Sunil following an argument.

According to the police sources that Sunil sustained minor injuries, while Mukesh sustained injuries and was rushed immediately to MG Hospital here for treatment. In their complaint, Both stated that they were attacked at the order of another prisoner Hoshiyar Singh.

After the incident, the administration of the jail began a search derive in the jail, where Asaram have been caught talking over a phone.

Jail sources, confirming the seizure of phone from Asaram, claimed that it was Reliance 4G phone, which Asaram had allegedly been using.

While others sources have confirmed that Asaram was in possession of a mobile phone, the jail officials remained silent on the issue and refused to comment on the issue.

It may be recalled that Prakash – one co-accused in Asaram case, stays in the jail to look after Asaram, even though he could have availed of bail. 3 others co-accused in the Asaram case are out on bail.

  • rahul shukla

    Now plese don’t publish such a fake news that even a layman can get to know that if jail staff were quite on the mobile issue how our media got a news when jail staff were silent over this issue. Media people go n make fool to others who don’t have common sense what is this “source” word u use every time if u have firm proof then speak otherwise be silent.

  • Shakti R

    It’s Dekh News or Fake News ?
    why you want lose the trust of ur readers ?
    why gvng fake news ?
    you may lose ur authenticity soon if these kinds fake news are published under your news company.
    Despite of being ill no proper treatment n medications gvn to Asaram Bapu Ji n u talking about mobile.
    it’s only ur imagination not truth !

  • Vandana

    This is a completely bogus story. Please don’t lose your credibility by publishing such fake news.

    When the Jail staff is denying this news, how do you people know? This is totally ridiculous. Your job is to show correct news with proof, not create news to defame innocents.

    He is already suffering in Jail from past 3 years without any proof. Where were your reporters when Satish Wadhwani got arrested and admitted to be a part of the conspiracy planned against Bapuji?

    Don’t behave as a SELF-STYLED Judiciary. We are not fools to believe your self cooked stories.

  • Chander Mohan Mehta

    It seems yet another fake story media keeps on inventing for sensationalism

  • shekhargadewar

    Another bogus news!

    Seems every 10 days people like to earn money by TRP using fake news!