Asaram’s Close Aide Booked on the Charge of Murder of Witness

Asaram’s Close Aide Booked on the Charge of Murder of Witness :- Police has been arrested a close aide of Asaram from Mirakpur village in Saharanpur District, UP. He was hiding from being arrested in connection with the murder of a prime witness in a rape case against Asaram.


On Monday, Niraj Kumar was arrested by the police. He was the in-charge of Nandgoan ashram of Asaram Bapu.

Police Officer Yogender Pal Singh said that He owned a dairy farming business in the village. A cache of arms, 17 cows, and several fake IDs have been seized from the place he was nabbed.

Niraj Kumar murdered Akhil Gupta on 11th January last year who was 35 years old and a prime witness in the rape case against Asaram.

Deceased Akhil Gupta was a cook and personal aide of Asaram Bapu. Asaram Bapu has been in jail since August 2016 in a case of sexually assaulting a 16 years old minor school girl in his ashram.

Kartik Haldar who gunned down Akhil Gupta was the henchman of Asaram Bapu. Kartik Haldar was arrested from Raipur, Chhatisgarh in the month of March. Haldar revealed that Niraj was involved in the murder of Akhil Gupta.

Police officer Singh said that Kumar said during the interrogation that He had arranged the motorcycle and weapons for him to kill Gupta and also gave the shelter to Haldar.

Besides under Arms Act, the accused has been booked on the charge of misleading and cheating with police.

  • Vandana

    This case is a totally bogus case. No Proof, no evidence till now.

    Few Facts-

    1. FIR never meantioned rape and the girl’s LIC and school certificates clearly stated she was more than 18 yrs. Still POCSO acts was charged on Bapuji.

    2. Medical reports mentioned there was not even a single mark on her body.

    3. Many facts were manipulated to trap Bapuji

    4. Our politicians and actors can get easy bail despite proven guilty, but an innocent 79 yrs saint suffering from diseases can’t.

    Most importantly, not even a single allegation has been proved from past 3 yrs, still he has been kept in Jail

    Please think…Who is the real VICTIM in this case?