Ashok come with Sushim to save Magadh! Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 11th April 2016 Episode Written Updates

The last week episode of the historical come periodic daily soap “Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat” starts with that the Jaganath realised that Kaurvaki must gone to temple to marry Ashoka as I will never ever allow Kaurvaki to marry Ashoka on the other hands I am aware of this fact that better than Ashoka Kaurvaki can never have any life partner. And in the mean time, Saimak says he can hit me about Mir as eventually I will be showing him my worth.

Ashok come with Sushim to save Magadh Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 11th April 2016 Episode Written Updates

Now Ashoka ask Kaurvaki that do you think this temple is the powerful temple. Everybody is talking about it. Kaurvaki says I do believe what people are saying baout the temple. And Ashoka also said to Kaurvaki and tell me do you think I am worthy to marry you. Kaurvaki says yes only you are worthy to marry me.

And also Kaurvaki now explain to the Ashoka that the importance of this temple which is that whoever will be coming in this temple he should having a clear heart. And he should have the thread from the pot also to know whether he is worthy or not.
One of the Pujari in the Mandir asked Ashoka to take a piece of thread from the pot. And after taking that particular thread it is Ashoka starts imagine his new life with the Kaurvaki. Kaurvaki smiles and seen having fun time with Ashok apart from blushing.
While Ashoka and Kaurvaki walking around the tree, Kaurvaki prays Ashoka should be her life partner but suddenly turn anxious to see that her dad has been come there. Now Jaganath Scolds Kaurvaki for meeting with Ashoka and dare to falling in love with him. When now Ashoka asked to the Jaganath why you are scilding Kaurvaki, Jaganath says as your mother was Daasi and she is a princess.

Ashoka gets angry and look him with full of anger after listening this and holds Jagannath necks. Kaurvaki tried to stop Ashok but everything goes in vain as it is Ashoka was angry. But Kurvaki finally compel to raise her hands on Ashoka as she notice that her father is now losing his breath.

Now Jaganath says to Ashok to leave. And now Ashoka told to Jagannath that I am leaving you this time but in future never dare to say anything wrong about my mother.

And Bindu finally decides to full fill all the wishes of the Nicater after giving his total property to him as anyhow Bindu says that he can’t loos his son and he can loos his wealth and property. And Bindu decides to give up his all property now. Nicater smiles now. And Bindu says to Niketer that please leave my son. I will be full filling your all demands.