Asurs Attack Panchwati! Siya Ke Ram 14th May 2016 Episode Written Updates

Asurs Attack Panchwati! Siya Ke Ram 14th May 2016 Episode Written Updates : The last night episode of the mythological TV series “Siya Ke Ram” begins with Ram asking Surpanakha to stay away from him but Surpanakha is keep saying that she is in love with Ram and all that. Surpanakha started doing flirt with him but Ram asked to her to stay in her limit as she is a woman and also Ram address her by saying Devi but all goes in vain as Surpanakha is in no mood to leave Ram.


Siya ke Ram 14th May 2016 Written Updates

Now Surpanakha reached towards Ram and show garlands to him and she also put the same on Ram’s neck. Surpanakha said to Ram just marry me, then nobody can be separate us. Ram said to her this is not possible, Surpanakha asked to him, why it is not possible, Ram says as I am already married.

When Surpanakha was busy in convincing him, Ram said to her that I can’t marry you as I am already married. Surpanakha became very angry after knowing this and she started screaming; tell me Ram, this is myth. I can’t believe that you are married.

You are only mine and nobody can snatch you from me. You are my Ram but Ram said this is true and Surpanakha is now out of anger starting cursing Ram.

Somehow, Ram get to know that Surpanakha is younger sister of Ravan but still Ram thinks that it is not fine idea to insults her, even she is Ravan’s younger sister as after all she is a woman.

Now in the mean time, Ram thinks that even if the younger sister of Ravan Surpanakha proposed me, why she hides her identity from me. Ram says to Laxman and Chatayu, that not to reveal the fact that Surpanakha proposed me and I reject her as I don’t want the Sansaar (World) to make fun of her.

Chatayu said to Ram that you are diamond, you treats every woman same way but she is madly is in love with you and she can do anything to have you and she is just like, her brother Ravan, she doesn’t think about anything, even the result of her deed.

She doesn’t think right and wrong of her acts, Chatayu added further.
Precap: Raavan argues with Vishravas. Surpanakha looks at Sita and Ram. She thinks I need to wait for the right moment when Sita will be going out from the Ram’s life.