BCCI Thinks Next Session Of IPL May Be Held In Outside Of India

BCCI Thinks Next Session Of IPL May Be Held In Outside Of India  :- Next IPL event can took place outside of India as BCCI decided that next IPL may took place outside of India cause they getting in trouble the constant shifting of matches and venues ongoing Indian Premiere league the BCCI thinks to play the next session of IPL outside of India.anuragfb-story_647_042116055411

The secretary of BCCI Anurag Thakur deliberate that 2017 IPL edition of the cash rich tournament can held outside the India. IPL has been twice played outside the India and both were played outside in assembly elections years. In 2009 IPL was played in South Africa and in 2014 IPL was played in UAE for the first fifteen days.

BCCI said this year that both board and teams have suffered from cancellation of air tickets and cancellation. TV crews are also shifted around to new venues. Its like a nightmare and the BCCI is carrying a loss because of these all problems so the board finds a solution that  next IPL  session will play in abroad.

Anurag Thakur who is also MP from BJP party announces this on Thursday. Now the Indian fans  will not see the next sessions of IPL in India. All the Indian fans will miss to see their favorite cricketers in different teams. IPL is always called a India ka tyohar but every will miss this short 20-20 format game to next year.

This problem arise because of drought in Maharashtra. 12 matches were played there but missed because of the problems. Cause so much water needs per match and Maharashtra government refuses to give the water because of drought. And then all the matches that were going to play in Mumbai cancelled.

So these are the some problem that happened during this IPL in Maharashtra and finally BCCI finds a solution to get over it.