‘Befikre’ First Look : Ranveer Singh & Vaani Kapoor Watch sizzling kiss!

‘Befikre’ First Look : Ranveer Singh & Vaani Kapoor Watch sizzling kiss! : Well, the way Aditya Chopra announced his latest movie was wonderful he wrote a imaginary letter to his father late Yash Raj Chopra on his 83 birthday and announced that he is coming back another great movie “Befikri” and the way he came this time was incredible also he is directing this movie and that’s a big news because since 8 years he didn’t direct any movie and that going to be big for the audiences as well as for the Bollywood.

Aditya Chopra is looking quite serious for this movie and he wanted to present this movie to his baby girl Adira who is going to turn one year at the releasing date of “Befikre” if we talk about the first look then we can say that the movie surely going to make impact with that type of sweet romantic click.

Movie has so sweet story and the way Aditya posted the first picture was awesome also Ranveer had said about the movie that “Befikre is all about young, urban love its all about how the youngsters fall in love in college and what kind of journey they live” this movie had that type of impact and i am sure that people surely going to love the movie.

Befikre is set in the city of love, Paris. And taking clue from the atmosphere of it, the first look of the movie shows the leading pair locked in a sweet kiss and also Vani Kapoor’s cap says it all: “Who cares, Mon Amour (My love)” i think that show the theme of movie and also i guess they both know that this movie going to be big movie for the carrier of these actors.

Aditya who looking quite serious about the movie was always look passionate about what he do and the way he do i think the movie also going to prove that he is still one of the best director just like his own father and that’s cool also he approach both of the main lead role of the movie to learn dance and they both took dance classes in Paris.

Well, we all are waiting for the movie also we wanted to see the awesome direction of Aditya with these two beautiful actors.