Bigg Boss 9 Winner Name Prince Narula Prize Money Grand Finale Announcement 23 Jan 2016

Bigg Boss 9 Winner Name Prince Narula Prize Money Grand Finale Announcement 23 Jan 2016 :-Bigg boss house door is opened, Nagin comes in house. Mouni Roy(from Nagin show) comes in house and says some folks came during this house and got far-famed. This season, 2 folks were tied along however it had been not love tie however their restrictions Clip plays, however Kishwar wasn’t pleased with her partner is shown. however Keith had tough time to handle Mandana is shown. Mouni says a inmate came and unbroken crying that she wanna quit however didnt leave once house doors were opened, it happened for 1st time in house. Rimi’s clips square measure shown. Mouni says folks didnt produce real relations or was back bitten by others. however Kishwar left show for patrician is

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Bigg Boss 9 23 January 2016 Written Updates

Mouni says all finalists suppose they’re winners however audience have chosen one winner and currently game of viverrine mammal and snake is beginning, it’s finale game of Bigg boss. Salman Khan is in house. He dances on Main hun Hero Biu-Mandara song. He dances with Mouni Roy.

house door is opened once more. Ashoka from Charakvartin Ashoka Samrat show comes in house, He jumps and involves Salman. Salman takes him from there, Ashoka gets nice welcome, he folds his hand and hugs Salman. Salman leaves from house.

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Salman comes on Finale stage. Ex contestants of BB9 square measure there. Salman dances on Aaj ki Party song. Mouni and Ashoka joins him too. once dance, Salman hugs Ashoka and says American state Nagin is there too, he hugs her. Salman asks Mouni can she not bite anyone? Mouni laughs. Mouni and Ashoka leaves.

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Today is blockbuster grand finale. Krushna Abhishek and Bharti Singh can share stage. Ex-contestants like Aman, Kishwar, Suyyash, Priya, Gizele etc can come back too. Krushna and Bharti dance, Krushna says Bharti is performing arts like sphenisciform seabird, Salman says you each danced however why individuals square measure approval for me? Krushna says once Salman is standing beside, WHO can clap for us? In bajrangi Bhaijan picture show, Nawazuddin(actor) did sensible job however you were praised solely, Bharti says in finish of picture show Munni referred to as you her uncle however didnt decision Nawaz even her aunt, Salman laughs.

Gautam Gulati(winner of BB8) can come back too. Nora can offer sizzling performance, aristocrat can have dance performance too. Keith and Rochelle can have sticky hot pool dance on Tumhe apna banane Ka, Rochelle and Keith square measure shut for smooch in dance. Rishab can offer nice performance. On stage, Bharti says Priya leader is teacher, Krushna says she is real dabangg as she created such a big amount of holes in individuals, Priya laughs, A winner are declared in funfare

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Bigg Boss Season 9 Winner Name

Latest report is saying that Rochelle Maria Rao is the first participant who evicted from the house last night in the midnight 3:00 AM.

She is first one to be evicted from the finale race. Indeed she is all set to perform in the grand finale stage tonight with her boy-friend Keith. “Comedy Night Bachao” team will be also there in the house to meet with the housemates of “Bigg Boss 9” and they dazzle the show.

The second participant who will be evicted tonight from the show is Mandana Karimi, and she also performed there in the stage.

The 1st runner up is Risabh

As per prediction reportedly, Prince will once again might prove to be the winner of the 9th season of “Bigg Boss” with a huge amount votes. With the huge fan base Prince might emerged out winner of the show.

prize : 35 lakh

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So the top 4 finalists’ housemates of the “Bigg Boss 9” get a taste of Keeda & Peeda with the “Khatro Ke Khiladi” contestants. Tonight the total stuffs will be shown.

Anyway, Suyyash Rai and Kishwar Merchant will be also performing tonight in the show. Prince Narula, Rishabh Sinha and Mandana Karimi will be also performing tonight. So don’t forget to “Bigg Boss 9” tonight in the prime time at Colors TV!