Blue Whale Challenge India: New case, another teen dies in Bengal

Blue Whale Challenge India: New case, another teen dies in Bengal :- Another Victim gets died because of the new trend of Blue Whale Challenge Game in India. As per the reports this time the teenage victim was from Bengal. Also, the reports are saying that a 15-year-old boy from West Midnapore district could be the first victim of the infamous Blue Whale game in Bengal. Even the whole family is in very deep shock they didn’t know anything about the game till now.

Well, News is coming that Suicide of Ankan Dey, a class 10 student in Anandapur town whose body was recovered from the bathroom of his house on Saturday. Also, the reports are saying that this game is becoming the headache of the government and they are trying to stop it forever. As per the family reports “The teenager went to take a bath on Saturday morning but did not open the door for more than an hour.”

Blue Whale Challenge India

After that the family gets afraid and they broke the door and found out that he is dead. His motionless body lying on the floor and his face were wrapped in a plastic sheet and a towel tied around his neck. Also, they added that his friends allege he was playing the “Blue Whale” game. Also, his friends said, “That he didn’t share anything about the Blue Whale game with us instead of that he shared his other games with us.”

Also, the sources are saying that a few other teenagers were about to commit suicide and complete the Blue Whale dare because Ankan Dey was not playing alone. As per the reports, so many kids are saved now after this incident. Well, the police are investigating the whole case now and trying to find out more about this case.

Another teen dies in Bengal

In the end, Blue Whale game is being very dangerous for the world now. Russia, India, and Europe are being the main targeted country of this game. Even the all social networks blocked this game and trying their hard to remove it from everywhere.