Bollywood Jugni First Day 1st & 2nd Day Box Office Collection Earning

Bollywood Jugni First Day 1st & 2nd Day Box Office Collection Earning :- The Bollywood film “Jugni” is just hit theatre with amazing responses from the youth audiences and the movie lovers. The film received mix received from public and both critics followed by both negative and the positive.

Jugni Movie Review

 Jugni Box Office Collection

Mainly the soul-stirring music of the movie is getting good feedback from the public. ‘Jugni’ will be definitely captures your heart and imagination and reportedly it is a solid movie. The film indicates story of musicians.

It is a musical drama which is picturizsed very well. The movie is a charming show. So the film speaks about ambition, aim, goals and inspirations of a person. Rest of the story is when an individual face some conflicts and dilemma while achieving goals.

“Jugni” is a thought-provoking movie with different climax, screenplay and the directions. Sugandha Garg and Sadhna Singh play lead role in the movie with Siddhant Behl and the story of the movie revolves around only Sugandha Garg.

Sugandha Garg delivers a good job by performing up to the mark which leads to having good response in the theatre from the public. The film “Jugni” speaks a journey about a female musician who moves to a village of Punjab and she is there to learn the Punjabi folk music. The girl falls in love with a boy who is also fond of music and due to the couple shares same stuffs they had shown their interest on each other.

Due to the film received huge competition from Akki’s “Airlift” it is find it difficult to survives. Moreover, “Kya Kool Hain Hum 3” is also giving competitions to the movie. Most of the screens have been captures by “Airlift” followed by “Kya Kool Hain Hum 3”.

So “Jugni” released in very limited screens but still because of the strong storyline and the positive mouth publicity the film is performing well at the theatre. It is expected “Jugni” to collects Rs. 3 crore in its first day after released.

The box office collections of the movie are still has not done as the shows are going on. It is assuming that the main figures of the movie will be out on Saturday and Sunday.

The film is made up with very simple budget so it will not be difficult for the movie to collects its amount. Till now as per predictions the film “Jugni” will be collects total amount of Rs. 3 crore till Saturday but main amount will be clears in the weekend.