Brazil: A bungee jumper jumped to his death as rope was too long

Brazil: A bungee jumper jumped to his death as rope was too long :- Sao Paulo: In a terrific accident, a bungee jumper jumped to his death after plunging down from a tall bridge in Sao Paulo, Brazil. At time of jump, his shocked family watched in horror. A video footage of the entire incident has appeared online.

The video starts with Fabio Ezequiel de Moraes was ready for the 40-metre jump. His wife, his brother and his lovely 6-year-old son stand beside him to see him perform the activity.

After the all preparation, Moraes leans forward and jumps off the bridge. But, things go wrong that the rope tied to his body is too long. He comes down with much force and hits the ground.

As per the report in The Sun that the rope was too long. Instead of bouncing back, Moraes hit the ground with force and died at the spot.

He was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital, but was proclaimed dead on arrival.

A police complaint has been registered in this accident and the police officers have seized the equipment used by Moraes during the activity.

Watch the video here of bungee jumper: