Breaking News! Guwahati Railway station: Security recovered 10 kg IED!

Breaking News! Guwahati Railway station: Security recovered 10 kg IED! :- Well, breaking news is straight coming from the Guwahati Railway station where yesterday big thing happened. As per the reports, security forces recovered a powerful Improvised Explosive Device (IED) weighing 10 kilograms from a gunny bag booked as a parcel in Railway Mail Service. Also, the source is saying that it could be a part of big terror attack planning or something like that.

As you all know that Guwahati’s Railway station is a big and populated area and you can say that a major disaster at was averted on Friday. The sources are saying that the Bomb Disposal Squad of the special branch of the Assam Police confirmed that it was an IED. Also, the squad took the gunny bag to an isolated area to dispose of the bomb by exploding it. Also, the sources are saying that now police are trying to investigate the whole case.

Guwahati Railway Station Security recovered 10 kg IED

Well, Police said that investigation has revealed that parcel was booked at Guwahati general post office for Silchar and brought to the railway station on Thursday. Also, the sources are saying that whoever planned this accident is in a mood to take lots of deaths.

“This morning when we were sorting the bags according to their destinations, we heard a clock ticking sound from one of the bags bound for Silchar. A home guard immediately isolated the bag and informed the Railway Police,” an official of the Railway Mail service said.

“We are going to step up security measures further at Guwahati Railway station which caters to passengers traveling to entire Northeastern states,” said Mr. Gohain. As per the reports Police and other security forces have now started to sweep the entire railway station with sniffer dogs and bomb detectors for the protection and security purpose.

Security sources said that this was first of its kind incident when miscreants have used parcel service’s to do the explosion. “We are looking into all the possibilities,” a senior police officer said. Overall, a big tragic incident didn’t happen because of the quick action and intelligence of the security department. Also, the whole case is under investigation now so you can say that much more things will come soon.