Check Live New Petrol & Diesel Rates in Your City, 23rd June 2018

Check Live New Petrol & Diesel Rates in Your City: Well, you all should know that Petrol Prices are jumping up and down a lot. Also, the prices were marginally lowered on Tuesday due to the downward movement in fuel rates so far this month. Reports are coming that the reduction in petrol prices was in the range of 8-12 paise per liter and came after three consecutive days of no change in prices. People are expecting much change in the price as they were waiting for it for a long time. You all should know that diesel price is steady since consecutive two days.

State-run oil marketing companies Indian Oil Corporation, Bharat Petroleum Corporation and Hindustan Petroleum Corporation is currently reviewing the domestic petrol and diesel rates on a daily basis, and announce any changes in rates every morning at 6 am. Some reports are suggesting that the effect will go on from 6 am on Tuesday, June 19, petrol prices were at Rs. 76.27 per liter in Delhi, Rs. 78.94 per liter in Kolkata, Rs. 84.06 per liter in Mumbai and Rs. 79.16 per liter in Chennai, according to Indian Oil Corporation.

Diesel prices were at Rs. 67.78 a liter, Rs. 70.33 a liter, Rs. 72.13 a liter and Rs. 71.54 a liter in Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, and Chennai respectively. We are expecting that petrol price will go up down slowly until they make any change as we are expecting.

Location        Petrol price in Rs. per liter            Diesel price in Rs. per liter

Delhi  `           76.27                                                 67.78

Kolkata          78.94                                                 70.33

Mumbai        84.06                                                 72.13

Chennai         79.16                                                 71.54

Agartala        72.07                                                 65.92

Aizwal            72.19                                                 65.11

Ambala          76.39                                                 68.29

Bangalore     77.51                                                 68.87

Bhopal                       81.86                                     71.34

Bhubhaneswar       75.09                                     72.65

Chandigarh              73.36                                     65.82

Dehradun                 77.64                                     68.11

Gandhinagar           75.58                                     72.84

Gangtok                    79.3                                       69.55

Guwahati                  78.41                                     70.75

Hyderabad               80.79                                     73.67

Imphal                       74.36                                     65.85

Itanagar                    72.18                                     65.07

Jaipur                         79.01                                     72.19

Jammu                      78                                           68.95

Jullunder                   81.47                                     67.7

Kohima                      74.75                                     66.15

Well, you all should know that State-run oil companies Indian Oil, Bharat Petroleum and Hindustan Petroleum completed a year of daily review of petrol and diesel prices across the country. Also, the Prior to June 16, 2017, petrol and diesel prices were revised on the twice-a-month basis.