China : Baghdae In Huge Trouble, 13 Peoples Died In Car Bomb Incident

China : Baghdae In Huge Trouble, 13 Peoples Died In Car Bomb Incident : There has been a series of accidents occurring around the world and after the huge Tiajin explosion in China, it is time for Baghdad. The local news of Baghdad confirms “13 people were killed in a tragic incident of a car. The bomb was located at a popular auto dealership of Baghdad. 52 innocent people were injured in the eastern Baghdad. The Sadr City which is a neighborhood of the local city is volatile and dangerous now since 2 days before (Thursday) a bomb was exploded in the market region of the city that killed 67 people and unfortunately approximately 100s were wounded.” These unrealistic incidents are remembered to be the worst 1-day attacks in the history of Baghdad since a decade.

China : Baghdae In Huge Trouble, 13 Peoples Died In Car Bomb Incident

China : Baghdae In Huge Trouble, 13 Peoples Died In Car Bomb Incident

Baghdad is in the news as the consecutive incidents of bombs and explosions are taking place haphazardly with no suspects and evidence to be found. The Baghdad city police is undertaking safety measures of the city to safe guard the people. Baghdad people are scared and frightened to go out in the city for any means.

It is not the first time that the Habibiya dealership of Car has been made the focus for such incidents but in the recent past times, it has been targeted with unusual reasons. The Habibiya is known for buy-sell used vehicles & it is renowned for its services.

If talked about the surrounding region of Baghdad, a consistent bomb brutal killing is increasing the number of death trolls more and more and recently a series bombing killed 9 people and 33 were badly hurt. Madain, a small town to the south of Baghdad, was also the victim of the humiliating incident and the bomb torn off 3 people and injured more than 10. This incident was considered pretty serious as Madain is known to be the peace city. But till today no one took the responsibility of the attacks or no group willingly accepted the attack’s ownership. Finally the ISG (Islamic State group) that the Thursday’s bomb attack was their ownership. The Bagdhad’s north was not to be relaxed as in the Taji town a bomb in the auto repair shops killed 2 people and injured people  are still counted. Askan district bomb explosion that was improvised on a busy commercial street slayed 2 and wounded 8. And in Baghdad’s southeastern suburb of Jisr Diyala, police said two were killed and seven wounded when a bomb exploded on a commercial street.

Hospitals were quite busy since months near the capital Baghdad. But the officials spoke on the virtual vital conditions of brutality as they are not legally talk to the reporters.

In Baghdad’s al-Askan district, an improvised explosive device detonated on a busy commercial street, killing at least two people and wounding eight.


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