Commander Task Result Bigg Boss 9 14th January 2016 Episode Written Updates

Commander Task Result Bigg Boss 9 14th January 2016 Episode Written Updates : Tonight in the TV reality show “Bigg Boss 9” one of thr contestant Mandana Karimi creates a fight and disturbance in the house. It is obvious because of her straight forward attitude the Iranian model created a fight with Keith Sequeira already when Keith mistakenly used her towel after the ‘Commander Imam’ task ended.

Commander Task Result Bigg Boss 9 14th January 2016 Episode Written Updates

Bigg Boss 9 14th January 2016 Episode

Mandana Karimi literally raised her voice loud while fighting with Keith for using her towel which turns out to be an ugly spat followed by the argument between the two Mandana and Keith. Keith also showed his anger towards Mandana and coined it a silly fight for a specific silly reason.

Suddenly it will be shown tonight that Prince Narula will be literally jumps in the conflict which was going on between Mandana and Keith. Prince Narula directly told to Mandana on her face that it’s not a big deal and Mandana is literally fighting for the silly reason. Mandana became so angry and annoying to hear that from Prince.

So Mandana can’t control her anger towards Prince and because of the Prince’s words she literally shouted on him. Now another ugly spat created between Prince and Mandana. Mandana also alleged Prince by saying that he is using all the housemates for the sake of the game. And Prince wants to emerge as the winner.


Mandana also said about Prince that he made Kishwar and Prince as his brother and sister but it was just a so called. This statement of Mandana left Prince upset and hurt. But to avoid situation in creating conflict, Prince literally ignored Mandana.

Meanwhile, it also reveal, that the “Bigg Boss 6” ex participator Imam Siddique has been succeed to ruined the peace of the housemates in his personal task ‘Commander Imam’ task. Moreover, he also gives cruel punishments to the housemates who don’t follow his instructions and his orders in the task.

It will be also shown in tonight episode that Priya Mallik will be faints as the “Commander Imam” will be gives her with some demanding tasks! It will be shown that Priya is unable to do so and she will be fell down.

Anyway so “Bigg Boss 9” is yet to create the melodrama and the high voltage drama in the house. It will be interesting to see how housemates will be deal with it. Whether they will be able to cope up with Imam? Who became victimized to the Imam.