Cortana Now Can’t Search Google on Windows 10 will now only be able to open Edge & Bing

Cortana Now Can’t Search Google on Windows 10 will now only be able to open Edge & Bing :- Microsoft has taken a step which is definitely going to raise many eye brows as they have blocked “Cortana” from searching “Google” on windows 10 devices. Cortana which is the voice-based virtual assistant of the company will only show the search result from Bing (company’s own search engine).


Why this step?

Microsoft posted a blog with a title “Delivering Personalized search experiences in Windows 10 through Cortana” and in this post they have tried to explain their reason for this huge step. Company wants to provide an integrated search experience. Under this “integrated search experiences”  Cortana tries to look for the anticipated requirements of the users and not just help them in completing their tasks but also help them is save their money and time as well.

On their blog company also tried to explain what kind of personalized experiences they are talking about:

If you are looking for the Pizza Hut then cortana will not just provide you the link of Pizza Hut website but also will show the closest location hence saving time as well.

If you are shopping for any dress on Microsoft’s edge then by clicking on that dress through cortana one can get all the necessary information about the dress in just a single command.

If by any chance your Bluetooth is not working, type “Bluetooth not working” and cortana will let one equip with the video that will help one getting all the answers of their queries that will only be exclusively available on windows 10 as the Bing search result.

If you are searching for “Best buy” then cortana will not just show you the result of the original website of but will also let one have access to coupons that can save his/her money.

Why Google can’t be used for this step?

Google cannot be used for this step because Cortana is especially designed to work with Bing search engine and Microsoft Edge. With the entry of a third party company fears that cortana’s experience may become “less predictable and reliable”.

Though the Thursday now when searched for any browser through Cortana only Microsoft Edge will be shown as the result. One may have doubt that users may not be able to use any search engine on their device but Microsoft clarified this doubt as well.

Microsoft said that this step is taken only for voice-based virtual search engine cortana and rest of the Window 10 platform can use whatever search engine which the users want.