Deepika Padukone on her Break-up Rumour : Ranveer will always be an important part of my life

Deepika Padukone on her Break-up Rumour : Ranveer will always be an important part of my life : The Leela of Bollywood is now in her own backyard as she is returned to India after completing the shooting of her first Hollywood Debute movie xxx the Return of Xander Cage with Vin Diesel, Deepika Padukone returned to the country a couple of weeks back .



But Bollywood actors says that no matters where she goes for a long time . Her home town is India and that,s will never going to change .

In exclusive interview of Deepika Padukone all the stars talks about her upcoming movies, working on a Hollywood project , her personal life and more .

Live interview of Deepika 

You are back in India after so long…

Nothing is better than our  home sweet home . I loves spending quality time at home . I really look forward  to back home after finishing work . chilling , eat Indian food and spending quality time

Many felt that we lost you to Hollywood…

No no that will never happen

So you will always be a Bollywood actor?

It does,nt matter whether its Bollywood or Hollywood my roots are here and at the end of the day its your root no one can take out India out of me . India is my hometown and it never be change .

When she was asked about the breakup rumors with her boyfriend Ranveer Singh?

she replied that she had never talked about peronal life but she mentioned that Ranveer is a important part of my life . she mentioned that Ranveer  will always remain the integral part of her life

Well it looks like that everything is all well ranveer and Deepika and fans will be happy to hears this news as this Ramleela jodi is one of the most loved pair of Bollywood in this era.