Delhi Diesel Cab Drivers Block Noida-Delhi-Gurgaon Road Against the SC Decision

Delhi Diesel Cab Drivers Block Noida-Delhi-Gurgaon Road Against the SC decision :-  Cab drivers protest against Supreme court’s decision on diesel car vehicles. Hundreds of taxi drivers blocked National Highway and more roads against the Supreme court’s decision. They are protesting against ban diesel taxis in Delhi.ban-on-diesel-vehicle_65dbade0-a2e7-11e5-9efc-9b4cf60167c6

In the morning time, a group of taxi drivers blocked both carriageways near the Rajokri toll booth on National Highway. At 11:30 clock the situation got worse when the protesters blocked both the lanes on the ring road at Maharani Bagh.

The area is closed to the Ashram Chowk.Cab drivers blocked several roads of Dhaulakuan, Kapaseda, and Mehrauli.

This blockade hits traffic on the road. Peoples are getting affected by this, and they were choosing alternative routes reached in their areas. It takes so many hours for them to reached their places. Yesterday so many cab drivers with AITP decided to protest against this decision.

Sanjay Samrat is the president of Delhi Taxi Tourist Transporters Association. Sanjay said that”We are only asking for exemption which we have already been given.” Supreme Court refused to give more time to give cab operators to convert diesel mode in CNG.

2000 diesel-run taxis switch into CNG patterns in the last two months. Around 60,000 taxis are registered in the national capital and 27,000 of them run on diesel. After this protest so many peoples affected who travels between Delhi and Gurgaon.

So many parts of the protests cleared by police but they all still continuing their protest. After this ban, the number of cabs will be down in it the national capital and so many peoples will be affected by this rule. Well lets what happens? Whether these Cab drivers continues this protest and what action government takes after this?