Delhi Guy Ordered a yummy veg food & got a tasty bone in his food! Watch Video

Delhi Guy Ordered a yummy veg food & got a tasty bone in his food! Watch Video: – Well, we all know that we all have the freedom to eat whatever we want in our life and it’s our choice what kind of food we chose to eat. Also, you all know that some people eat full non-veg food and on the other hand some of the people didn’t like Non- Veg and they eat only Vegetarian food.  You can’t make some eat anything if they didn’t want to and if you do that then it is a crime. Indian People are not that open for Non-Veg and it is cool because some people don’t like it and that’s simple.

Also, even for making it clear all the restaurant and other food plaza people made two type of sign one is green and other on is red. Well, the green sign is for vegetarian people and red sign is for Non-Veg People which means that it is easy to pick your food and nobody gets confused.

Shocking news is coming out from Delhi where a Facebook user Jay Paudyal reported similar case recently to the Delhi Police & Food and Drug Department and broadcasted it through Facebook live all over in his profile. Well, the case is very shocking because the way he explained it even in the Live video is going to make angry all the Vegetarian people.

As per the reports, Jay Paudyal had gone to a Delhi’s Andhra Bhawan based famous restaurant along with his friends to enjoy their favorite South Indian Food and he clicked even pictures there for his Facebook Profile.

Well, but all of sudden his food become a nightmare for him what he wouldn’t expect. He found out that restaurant served them a “bone” in the veg food and they found out when they finished the food.

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Jay took this all very serious and complained about it in Delhi Police & Food and Drug Department. Also, he explained it all in Live Broadcast in Facebook Profile. Sources reports are coming out that a case under section 295 A has been filed against the restaurant.