Delhi Rape: 32-year-old Bihar-based woman raped in woman coaches in moving train

Delhi Rape: 32-year-old Bihar-based woman raped in woman coaches in moving train :- The capital of India against witnessed a shameful rape case, where a 32-year-old woman is raped in a moving train. The incident took place on Saturday, in the moving train between the Shahdara and Old Delhi railway stations. According to the Police, five women were in the train, but at the Shahdara station, four of the women departed the train and victim was left alone in the ladies coach. At the same platform, three men went to the train and attacked the woman.It is believed that the two men grabbed the bag from the women and third men raped her and even beaten her. Meanwhile, the two Police constables boarded the train and were shocked to see a man assaulting the woman, who was trying to fight back.


Both the constable reacted strongly and tried to stop the accused person. The duo of constable controlled the situation and at the next station at Old Delhi Railway Station, the victim, and accused person were taken to the hospital.

The further investigation claims that the woman belongs to the Bihar and she came here to Delhi to attend the family function of her relative.

Meanwhile, the Police identified the defendant as 25 years old, Shahbaz and the Police has filed a case against her under the relevant sections of law. Shahbaz is no in the remand of the Police.

Well, it looks like the rape problem is now becoming the serious issue of the Indian society and now, the government needs to take the strict action against it to ensure the security of the people.