Devil Snake Tatik Attack on Sita! Siya ke Ram 29th January 2016 Written Updates

Devil Snake Tatik Attack on Sita! Siya ke Ram 29th January 2016 Written Updates :- The Episode begins with Sita seeing Ram in the sanctuary and taking off. Urmila asks her for what valid reason is she going. Sita says I need to go to lake, my kalash does not have water. Ram hears her and grins. Sita grins and leaves, while Urmila pursues her. Water falls on Urmila by Laxman’s hand and they contend. Urmila races to Sita and stops her. Sita asks her how she got splashed. Urmila says I fell in lake. Sita grins.

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Siya ke Ram 29th January 2016 Written Updates

The fiend snake Tatik looks on and thinks now there will be retribution according to Raavan’s charge. He utilizes his forces and it begins getting stormy. The villagers get perplexed and think it will rain now. Tatik says now Mithila will experience Raavan’s indignation. He lifts the water. Sita sees the lake and says something is not right here Urmila, go and advise the zone head about this. Urmila goes.

Sunaina searches for Sita and Urmila, and asks Mandvi and Shruthkirti. They say we don’t have the foggiest idea. Sunaina says they will comprehend when they get to be mother, and goes to educate Janak.

Kaushalya asks Dasharath did he educate Janak that they are content with the proposition. He reviews Kaikeyi’s words and says we all are upbeat, yet Kaikeyi will never acknowledge Janak’s little girl for Ram. Kaushalya inquires as to why.

He says she feels Mithila is not equivalent to Ayodhya, and Janak’s kul is not same as our Kul, its genuine matter, its great proposition, how to can’t, in the event that it wasn’t right, Vishwamitra would have not give Ram a chance to attend Swayamvar, in what manner should I decline Janak, on what premise? I m thinking if Ram knows Kaikeyi’s supposition then… Sumitra says don’t stress, Ram won’t know this.

Kaushalya says yes, Kaikeyi cherishes Ram a considerable measure, she is glad to be Ram’s mom, she doesn’t do anything with wrong aims. Sumitra says we will persuade Kaikeyi. Kaushalya says make courses of action for marriage, we will converse with Kaikeyi.

He gestures. He sends message for Sumanta, to get ready to leave for Guru Vashisht’s ashram. He supposes he ought to take Guru Vashisht’s endorsement as well.

Kaushalya gets some information about the letter. Daasi says its Ram’s letter for Kaikeyi. Kaushalya takes it, and goes to Kaikeyi with Sumitra. Kaikeyi says my choice won’t change. Kaushalya says Ram has sent letter for her darling mother.

Kaikeyi says for me… Kaushalya and Sumitra clarify her the amount Ram values her, and the amount Kaikeyi cherishes him. Kaushalya says you are imperative for Ram, and gives her the letter.

Kaikeyi peruses the letter from Ram. Ram welcomes her, and says I wish you got my and Sita’s proposition from Mithila. I know its mom’s entitlement to pick a child’s wife, I would prefer not to pressurize you, yet Sita is your shadow, I m fortunate to get your shadow in this young lady, I didn’t converse with her much, however Mithila adores her, similar to your Rajya Kaikeya cherishes you, yours dearest child Ram… . Kaikeyi cries.

Sumitra asks will you not concur even now, did your choice change. Kaikeyi says I don’t change my choice once I take it. Kaushalya and Sumitra begin clearing out. Kaikeyi says yet its mom’s obligation to offer need to youngster’s joy, if Ram’s satisfaction is in this, I acknowledge this proposition, I m not certain to acknowledge Sita after marriage.

I have condition that I will deal with all courses of action, do you concur. Sumitra says like Rani Kaikeyi orders. Kaushalya and Sumitra embrace Kaikeyi. They all grin.

Sita sees the tempest over the lake. Ram comes at the lake and sees Sita. He asks whats this change. She says its not normal. He says it appears downpour will start. She says this kind of changes did not happen in Mithila before and takes water in her grasp. She demonstrates the water to Ram and requests that he hold the water. He says its exceptionally quiet.

She says downpour water is not such, I have an inclination that it shows up. He grins. Tatik lifts the water waves. Sita says you don’t trust me. Ram says I accept on all that you say, your instinct shows the amount you know nature. She says who won’t comprehend nature, there is something that is not uniform. Tatik tosses the wave towards Sita. The villagers say run, water tempest is drawing closer… They flee. Ram and Sita look on.

Ram approaches and stands infront of Sita to secure her. Siya Ram… .plays… … .. Sita grins seeing him. Ram shoots a bolt towards the wave storm. The wave vanishes and Tatik moves away to get spared. Tatik looks on stunned.

The villagers return and cheer for Ram. Ram signs them to stop and says don’t say Jai for me, say it for Sita, this happened due to her expectation. They all cheer for Sita. Tatik says there is somebody why should break even with test my otherworldly powers, I need to discover opportune time to assault, and changes