Dhara talks to Drunkard Lawyer! Tamanna 9th Mauy 2016 Episode Written Update

In the Episode Sameer asking Dhara did Chaurasia do anything. She says no, my ex husband came here and was watching out for me and Shubhangi, he recorded who visit my home and where I go, Mihir took a few pics. Then Mridula asks how can he stay here, I think somebody helped him. Dhara says Sanjay helped Mihir but unknowingly, he came by Sanjay’s party reference, I need to know why Mihir came here. Sameer says maybe he had some motives, it won’t be good. Mridula says to Sameer don’t give tension to Dhara.

Dhara talks to Drunkard Lawyer! Tamanna 9th Mauy 2016 Episode Written Update

Mridula asks Dhara to tell them if they can help her. Dhara says nothing as of now, Sanjay asked Mihir directly, so Mihir has run away. Mridula says Dhara if you want to make Mihir’s fear away, don’t think about him, go school and concentrate on your cricket team, don’t end your fantasies and hope for Mihir, you did struggle to make a team, Mihir can become obstacle in your way, but can’t stop you from your aim. Dhara says right, my fantasies broke once, I will not let this happen.

Postman bring a letter for Dhara. Sanjay says she is not at home, she went to school, I will give her. Sanjay gets the letter. He supposes what did Mihir send Dhara now. Dhara stops playing. Sanjay comes there. He looks at her. She goes to him. She checks the photographs and Mihir’s letter. Sanjay asks what did Mihir write. Dhara reads Mihir’s letter, that I came Bulandgunj, you would think why I didn’t meet Shubhangi, to be true, I don’t care for seeing you in this state, so I wrote this letter, I did this for my daughter’s custody, I want to thank you, you made my work simple by getting Shubhangi to this city, there is no peace, electricity, health facilities, if anything happens to my girl, her life can fall in danger, the school has no facilities, I got all evidence and will proof that you are careless in upbringing Shubhangi, my daughter will be with me, you can’t make her far from me, I m going court to file custody case.

Roy tells doctor that he needs to go Bulandgunj. Doctor says I can’t allow you, you don’t have time, don’t be mad. Roy says I m mad. Roy goes to meet Dhara. Dhara says its good surprise, come sit. She gives him water. Dhara sees him and asks what happened to you. He asks what. Dhara says your hair…. Tell me. He says Dhara, I have second stage cancer. She gets shocked and cries. She asks how can this happen to you.

Roy tells Dhara that we can’t trust this alcoholic, he can’t fight case for us. Sanjay says convince him to fight our case, I guarantee victory. Dhara talks to alcoholic lawyer.