Emergency In Ferguson As Police Wounds 18 Year Old With Gunfire

Emergency In Ferguson As Police Wounds 18 Year Old With Gunfire : There has been some serious chaos that is going in Ferguson, Missouri today when police officer shot a 18-year old Tyron Harris. He was immediately taken to the hospital but he was in the critical condition. It is speculated that the person is engaged with 4 criminal activities including ‘Assaults on Law Enforcement’. It was the anniversary of a cruel incident that took place on August 11, 2014. Authorities put on the emergencies to terminate that case to be repeated. It was an so called official Emergency to save and harness the people and property.

Emergency In Ferguson As Police Wounds 18 Year Old With Gunfire

Emergency In Ferguson As Police Wounds 18 Year Old With Gunfire

A year ago, Michael Brown was shot dead by the white officer Darren Wilson. Though Brown was unarmed and a teenager, he was brutally shot for no reason. Same incident happened today and history was repeated. As a disobedience of civil rights, the activists came out to protest shooting on Brown and other unarmed men across the United States. Almost 57 protestors were arrested by the police as they entered St. Louis and broke the entrance. “Princeton University professor and activist Cornel West were also the part of the protest”, confirmed by the Protest Organizers.

Dellena Jones, an owner of a  hair salon in Ferguson Sunday night, boarded up a smashed window and had a sign displayed in a window “We Must Stop Killing Each Other.”

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon expressed Sunday night’s violence “a sad turn of events” carried out with the bad intentions and deliberately appealed for peaceful rallies on Monday. But Nixon, who had deployed the National Guard to terminate the attacks and violence  last year, did not make any necessary or specially  mentioned  of additional security for those rallies.

According to the latest interrogation by police, it was confirmed that Harris opened fire on the police vehicle and he was with four other culprits. The shooters were actually criminals but they pretended to be the protesters.Harris’s father confessed that his son did not have a gun. In fact he said “He was running for his … life because someone was shooting at him,” Tyrone Harris, Sr., said in a telephone interview from his St. Louis-area home.According to St. Louis court records, a man with the same name, birth date and address as Harris is out on bail awaiting trial on charges of stealing a motor vehicle, theft of a firearm and resisting arrest.That man was charged with those crimes on Nov. 5, 2014, and released after posting a $30,000 bond on Dec. 19, records showed.

Activist groups said that the officers who shot Harris have worn plain clothes. “It was a poor decision to use plain clothes officers in a protest setting because it made it difficult for people to identify police officers, which is essential to the safety of community members,” said Kayla Reed, a field organizer with the Organization of Black Struggle.