Everyone Dances in Prem’s Engagement! Sasural Simar Ka 20th April 2016 Written Updates

Everyone Dances in Prem’s Engagement! Sasural Simar Ka 20th April 2016 Written Updates : The last night episode of the TV series “Sasural Simar Ka” it has been shown that the Chandra Maani laughs as Chandra Mani is very sure that she will be ruin the Bharadwaj family and the Simar’s life. Simar tries to fight with Chandra Mani and asked to him that how can you even think to marry Prem Ji, he is my husband and you know that I can’t live without him but still you are having dream to ruin my life.


Chandra Mani laughs like an evil and said I am in no mood to reply you as I am just having dream to marry Prem Ji. But Chandra Mani also said to the Simar that you are having 2 conditions either to save your marriage or your mother in law Sujata. But you can’t do the same, if you stop my marriage with Prem Ji, it is Sujata will be die.

And if you save Sujata, then I will be married to the Prem meanwhile, Simar is shocked to hear so. Now Simar decides to save Maa as she thinks that it is Sujata’s life is more important than her marriage to the Prem. And now Simar run in the road in order to save Sujata’s life.

Now Simar run towards a chemist shop and asked him to give her the medicine, suddenly an old woman come and she said that she want medicine, and the chemist gives her the medicine. Simar said to the old lady as she was Chandra Mani, please don’t creates hindrances on my path, Chandra Mani sadi okay but you are having very less time Simar. Simar run to save Sujata’s life.

Now Simar searches Janvi’s phone number and called her there and now the phone has been picking up by Pari. Simar said to her that I am Janvi’s friend, please give me address of the house, I need to bring medicine there. Janvi asked to the Simar, I can’t give you the number and we will be giving the medicine.

Now Chandra Mani arrived in the front of the Simar and asked to her that, today your Pari Bhabhi will be going to hang herself. Simar is shocked, Chandra Mani asked to Simar that if you can save Pari’s life, go and save her. And you are having responsibility to save your Maa Jee’s life too. Simar is now anxious and started crying.

Precap: Chandra Maani said tonight we are having engagement party of mine and your husband Prem Jee. We all are in the celebration mood tonight.