Female Protagonists In Bollywood

Female Protagonists In Bollywood : Indian Cinema has dramatically modified its crux in case of leading roles in the movies. Yes, it all began with Lajja when the discrimination to women was showed in the most sarcastic way, then it flowed consistently with Chameli, Page 3, Chak de India, Highway, Mardaani, Mary Kom, Queen & many more. The critics & viewers adored these movies like anything because every movie with female protagonist has its fantastic theme to showcase the current trends/cultures/traditions/psyche.

Female Protagonists In Bollywood

Salute to the directors of these movies who had the guts taking huge risk to make such different concept movies & made the Indian people aware about the fanciness & streams flowing in our country. In the latest Bollywood trend, leading character is always given to male characters but as there has often been a spark lead by the female protagonist, Bollywood is changing its flow gradually.

Each protagonists were allotted specific theme based role so as know about that particular genre i.e. Chak De India showed how Indian women can play hockey too & is capable of even winning it, Mary Kom depicted the struggle of a woman but the firm determination lead her to the success.So it feels good to watch a movie with a purpose than to pass 3 leisure hours in a cinema.

And Such genre movies should be filmed more & more to balance the gender discrimination (which is still in many parts of our country) in India. Deepika initiated the female slogan “My Life, My Rules” in a video & that went viral all across India with many conflicts and controversies involved. Women in India are seen as a ’ housewife’ or ‘No Job Doer’ which makes no sense at all as they have their own capabilities, creativity, skills & potentials. They too are ambitious & want to glitter like gold in the modern era.

kangana-Role model for Female Protagonist

Women too needs idol for their dreams & such movies gives them the ‘Ideal Idol’ to follow (Kind of Role Model). Hats off to the Actress like Priyanka Chopra, Kangana Ranout, Rani Mukherji, Alia Bhatt. They played their fiction role precisely. They truly describe the original form of the female protagonist. The short conclusion or brief commentary about this be as “Women & Men were born equal & will die equal so why the intermediate stage is unequal?”

priyanka chopra's aspiring actingAs it is well said by Paulo Coelho “Female is a version of beauty, empowerment, Goddess & faith”, they can lead in the reel and real life if given proper support. Especially, India needs to learn some basics from the western countries about letting them do what they want and allow the necessary freedom to pursue their dreams in life. Bollywood movies is the best source to showbiz this mindset to every Indian & more such movies will release more will be the change in psyche of Indians.


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