Gang Leaders Face Off! MTV Roadies X4 15th May 2016 Episode Task Hd Video

Gang Leaders Face Off! MTV Roadies X4 15th May 2016 Episode Task Hd Video :- In the last night episode of the stunt based reality show Roadies X4, the Immunity Grabbing Tasks held and the discussion about the same had been gone viral on the social site, including Facebook and twitter and internet. The Roadies X4 updated on its official page of the Facebook account that the gang leaders fighting for immunity task to save their gang members and it was showcase on the last night episode.


In the Last week episodes we saw that all the team and its members had to go through tough challenges, where Ranvijay and Prince’s team managed to won the Immunity tasks. It was a ‘Pillow Fight test’ and the contestant had another challenging task where they have to fight in the Bhutani Style Wrestling with each other and different participants’ of the both team arrive in the same.

Each team work hard to win the challenges as now they are having opportunity to grab the immunity tasks in order to be safe from the elimination ground. Neha’s and Karan’s Gang member are unsafe after last week’s task.

And now the participants’ have to work hard to grasp their lost position. The upcoming episode of the show will be a very interesting and exciting episode in which the gang leaders themselves will be on the ground to win the Immunity tasks for their each and own team members.

Tonight the gang leaders have to do a creepy task called ‘Cockroach task’ which sounds scary and disgusting in order to gain their lost immunity. It will be very interesting and enjoyable tasks and this time the contestant will not having any other alternative choice to gain Immunity. So they have to complete this difficult task anyway which is sounds impossible.

So don’t forget to catch tonight episode of the stunt based reality show Roadies X4 at 7:00 PM only on the youth based channel MTV entertainment!!!

  • Agnidipto Giri

    It was really sad to see Rannvijay trying to dominate Prince using his seniority….Play in d spirit dude