Gaura enter Modi house with Dogs! Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18th April 2016 Episode Written Update

The serial starts when Gopi, Kokila and Vidhya is at the Suryavanshi house door while Gaura, Durga, Naiya and Shravan are heading for Dharam’s asthi visarjan.

Gopi tries to touch Dharam’s asthi kalash but Gaura stopped her doing so. The Suryavanshi family goes at Ghat. Kokila plans to reach there so that they can get any prove against Gaura.

Gaura enter Modi house with Dogs! Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18th April 2016 Episode Written Update


Paridhi, Urmila and Kinjal enters in the kitchen and plans to work together but soon they realized that everything is wrong in that place. Sona enters the kitchen and says she will cook food them no matter what happens.

On the pond, following the Suryavanshi family Gopi, Kokila and Vidya also reaches to the place. Gaura taunts them Shravan interrupts her saying he wants Vidya to be the part of the Dharam’s asthi visarjan.

While doing the vidhi, Vidhya pick bone from the Kalash. Vidya keep the bone thereafter, she shows that bone to Gopi and Kokila they plan to take this bone to lab and examine it to find out the truth.

At Modi’s house, Pizza boy delivers pizza to Urmila and they went into kitchen to take plates. Meanwhile, Sona ruins that pizza.

In lab, Kokila ask doctor to examine the bone.

Sona confronts all three saying she ruins the pizza. She serves them food saying she wants to do a tit for tat. But Paridhi refuses to eat that food made by her.

The doctor after examines the bone told them, this bone is of a dog. Gopi, Kokila and Vidya shocked to know that and Kokila says hence, it proved Dharam is alive and Gaura is lying.

After knowing the truth they decide to go to the court and show the proof to the judge to get Meera bailed.

But Kokila stops Gopi and says we this is not the enough proof to get Meera exempt from the case. We have to find Dharam alive.

In the precap, Gaura enters Modi house with a pack of dogs. Everybody is shocked and terrified. Kokila asks Gaura what is this? Gaura smiles.