Gaura shocked to see Kokila! Saath Nibhana Saathiya 7th April 2016 Episode Written Update

Meera agrees to get her head bald as she is having guilt of the killing her husband and Vidya is shocked with this. Durga is also ready to do the ritual. Now Pari says Sona is inauspicious as with the arrival of the Sona it is Meera became widow. Once she entered home, now Premlatha came into their home, Kokila was kidnapped, Gopi went to mental asylum. Sona stands in a shock and sad to hear these all.

Gaura shocked to see Kokila! Saath Nibhana Saathiya 7th April 2016 Episode Written Update

Now Hetal shouts at Paridhii and says she is actually bigger inauspicious than Sona as she is creating conflict in the Modi house always. Now Gaura is thinks Meera made Dharam go against her, so it is a big punishment for Meera and asks Pandit to remove her hair as per ritual. Gopi says this cannot be and walks towards Meera. Ladies stop Gopi and holds her. Ahem and Jigar try to make the Pandit stop but the ladies stop Ahem and Jigar by saying that when Meera is ready to get her remove then why her parents are creating hindrances.

Now Hetal continues saying to the Pari that how she will be feeling if Rashi died because of her, it is very easy to allege someone, but very difficult to face the allegations. And now Hetal keep saying to the Pari that it is not like that the Sona is profane, it is actually Dharam died because of the accident. But Pari is in no mood to change her thought and keep saying this is all because of the Sona these all happened and I don’t want the Modi house to get the dirty blood of Sona which is running on her veins.

Pari also said Sona is a characterless girl and she is having so many boyfriends. Tolu says it is enough mom, look Sona is crying. You need to seek apologised to Sona. Pari looked and shocked to see the Tolu’s behaviour as well she says by clapping Chalo, finally Sona separated her from her son Tolu by doing black magic which Sona’s mother used to did and now very soon I am sure Sona will be breaking the Modi family.

Sona is breakdown with tears and starts crying but Tolu holds her and said to Pari that Sona is my legal wife and nobody has right to insult my mom. Meanwhile, Kokila said in the funeral of the Dharam that Meera doesn’t need to follow the old rituals to hear from the Meera herself that she will be following the same.

Precap: Gaura in the phone asks someone to take care of her son and to give him sleeping injection once he regains consciousness. She turns and is shocked to see Kokila is present there!