Google Malaysia home page and disrupt service hacked

Google Malaysia home page and disrupt service hacked : Whats up people we are here to give you the latest news that is the GOOGLE servers are been hacked this morning that is making people very very irritated , This event took place in the Malaysian servers of Google. People were not able to use the servers this morning due to which people were really pissed off, Cause they were not able to use Google.Here is the complete news on Hacking of Google servers in Malaysia. The home page and the Disrupt Server were hacked this morning.

Google Malaysia hacked


Internet users were denied access to Google Inc’s Malaysia website on Tuesday, and were redirected to a hacked page saying “Google Malaysia Hacked by Tiger-Mate #Bangladeshi Hacker.”

The company has reached out to the organization that manages the domain name to resolve the issue, MYNIC, a Google Malaysia spokesperson said in a statement to Reuters.

MYNIC is operated by the country’s ministry of communications and multimedia, and is the administrator for all websites ending with “.my,” according to the company’s website.

The website for Malaysia Airlines experienced a similar problem in January, but the airline quickly reassured users that their bookings and private data had not been compromised.


(Reporting By Al-Zaquan Amer Hamzah; Editing by Jeremy Laurence)


Google home page and disrupt service hacked

A spokeperson told WSJ:

“We’re aware that some users are having trouble connecting to, or are being directed to a different website. We’ve reached out to the organization responsible for managing this domain name and hope to have the issue resolved shortly.”

The page that users were redirected to read, “Google Malaysia Hacked by Tiger-Mate. #Bangladeshi Hacker.”

While the motive and origin of the attack aren’t yet known, it’s similar to a DNS hijacking case in February that disrupted access to Google’s Vietnam homepage.

It appears that Google Malaysia is now back online, but Google is yet to confirm that the issue has been sorted.


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