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How Is The World Of Gaming Changing?


When it comes to gaming, two factors have brought about a world of radical change: smartphones and the internet. Just 20 years ago, it would have been unthinkable to pick up a mobile phone for gaming against hundreds, possibly even thousands, of other players in massively multiplayer online games. We’ve also seen the unrivaled growth of iGaming as an industry like no other, and a move away from the laptop and desktop computer as primary gaming devices, with handheld options emerging dominant.

Ready, Get Set, Go!

Of course, making any sort of claim that gamers are moving away from the more traditional forms of gaming has to be backed up and this Venture Beat article clearly shows that, with $38billion in revenue being taken from the mobile gaming sector industry last year, the fact that this sector is casting more traditional forms of gaming into the shade speaks for itself. 

In many ways, Pokemon Go can be viewed as a symbol of precisely how the popularity of online gaming can transcend previous expectations, and boom to such an extent that even those who wouldn’t label themselves as interested in gaming start to get interested and involved. This example also highlights how mobile gaming is leading the technological advances that drive forward gaming into the future.

Pokemon Go made use of the technology of augmented reality to blend the real world with the virtual world, and the success of it helped to create the conditions wherein we can strongly believe that this technology, and technology like it, is going to keep experiencing a surge in growth, something that in turn should benefit the world of mobile gaming in a virtuous cycle.

The Power of iGaming

One of the growth areas that always seems to be at the forefront of any advancement in technology is iGaming. This sector is viewed as a market leader in harnessing new technology; the competition in the market means that companies simply cannot afford to be left behind in the battle to provide gamers with the best possible service. Perhaps, in the future, we will see more advances in this sector, like the idea of playing games of poker using virtual reality enabled smartphones, which may well see players from across the world able to meet online to see each other and play out virtual hands together in a collaborative manner.

For the time being, the mobile gaming options offered by gaming companies include features like playing poker on mobile devices, where you can engage with other players using webcams, as well as quick, easy games that enable players to play on the go without having to worry that a hand of poker will take too long. 888poker’s SNAP game, a poker experience that offers fast-fold play, is a good example of the latter, while the website’s BLAST tables offer another innovation – random jackpots.

All of these options and enhancements mean that the world of mobile gaming has very much got the potential to expand, with iGaming a major part of this potential expansion. It also seems possible that the rise in popularity of eSports means that the world of console and PC gaming may start to be perceived as the more professional arena for gamers to operate in.

In a world where people are time-poor, it is possible that amateur, casual players won’t spend hours sat at their games console but will instead look to enjoy dipping in and out of games throughout the day on their mobile devices, changing the world of gaming completely all over again.