HP Spectre, World’s Thinnest Laptop Public Response Features & Specification Price In India

HP Spectre, World’s Thinnest Laptop Public Response Features & Specification Price In India :- Here the new innovation by the HP (“The Hewlett-Packard Company”) which is an American multinational information technology company whose creates the most effective Laptop. The latest invention by HP is
“HP Spectre” which is the world’s thinnest laptop and its launch in India on the June 21.

HP Spectre, world's thinnest laptop set to launch in India on June 21

According to the reports, the HP Spectre is the first world’s thinnest laptop which launches in India on June 21.

HP Spectre Laptop Specification And Features

display of HP is Full HD display and the base model are comes with the 8GB RAM and 256GB storage capacity.

HP Spectre features is a 13.3-inch display, which is a new benchmark of the thinnest 13-inch notebooks out of the there.

The laptop has just 10.4mm thick which is announced by the HP company.

HP Spectre is supported with three USB Type-C ports.

HP Spectre comes with Intel’s Core i5 and i7 processor, unlike with the Core M processors which are used on other notebooks.
The base model cost of HP Spectre is $1169 (Rs 78,282 approx).

HP Spectre is mainly using the aluminum and carbon fiber. it’s completely thinness with loose weighted and begins are very sleek.

Also, the HP are creating a completely new heat pipe that is pushed heat from the processor and added the extra two more fans to release heat from the back.

when we compare the HP Spectre with the Apple’s Macbook Air where it’s called the benchmark of the thin laptops. specification of the MacBook Air which measures the 17.2mm its thickness where the 12-inch Macbook are comes in the 13.2mm. But at the end The HP Spectre, You can do anything with this because its overall there whats you want with great features.